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Daily Thread Thursday August 16th

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Goooooooood Moooooooooorning TCS!

Hang on just a little longer...its almost FRIDAY!!!

I love Thursdays because I get to leave work early today...Although I am up an hour early too

Its going to be thundershowers today..hopefully its just a threat though...

I have a tortie on my lap...she is too cute..I love her on my lap in the morning

I hope ya'll have a good one!!
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Oooooh Nat you lucky thing leaving early.

It's a bit cooler here today, but i'm not complaining
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good morning!

well, I'm up early this morning because I couldn't sleep anymore. I'm just not feeling well these days.

But at least today is pay day. Plus, my ex sent me some money yesterday. He owes me a lot of money, but I stopped expecting to get it back... so any money he sends feels like free money. Woohoo!

I contacted my landlord and not only am I allowed to paint my walls, but he said he'd pay for 2-3 gallons of paint. Woohoo again!
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Good Morning/Evening all.

Well to day it was supposed to be 36oC but I think it was a lot hotter than that. Its nearly 8pm and it still feels like it would be 30 something out there.
This heat can't be good for the cats, it is like a sauna in the house.


Have a good day.
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Woohooo indeed Marie!! Nice that he's paying for some of the paint
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Last night for the first time, i didn't leave my door open while Chuckie slept next to my pillow. That is big! I used to leave it open so he could come and go, but i could see the light from dads room and hear him typing away till 3 in the morning. Well, Charlie didn't get annoyed with me tossing and turning, and slept through 8 hours sleep!!!
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This m0rning my student called me and cancelled class, s0 i had a free m0rning 0f n0thing! but i made the bed, dusted, fixed my curtains and put away all the clean washing! N0w im washing the wind0ws ew! hahaha

I fly 0ut in nine days wh0h00
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bad morning, sinus headache big time,
some one get the nasty dwarf off my head
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
bad morning, sinus headache big time,
some one get the nasty dwarf off my head
Naff off our Bruce's head nasty dwarf!!!
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Morning all.

Well...yesterday I went home thinking that it was Thursday. So I was soooooo excited to think that today was Friday. Imagine my disappointment.

Anyway, I hope today flies by...yesterday did not whatsoever!! Perhaps that's why I thought it was Thursday
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Morning/evening cat peeps!!

Nothing on the agenda today, just staying in from all the heat. Hit a record high of 105 degrees yesterday and boy was it ever hot.

Anyhoo, hope everyone has a great day/evening!!
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I am still trying to wake up! Aaron got up at 4:00 this morning to go golfing and I really didn't get back to sleep after that.

My nephew is coming by tonight for dinner and to play cards, so I need to cook a bit and probably should clean the house today.

Have a great day everyone!
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Looks like we are in for some thunderstorms here today.

A bit on the tired side this morning, it has been a very hectic week and I think it is now starting to catch up with me.

Heading off to work in a bit to see what catastrophe has befallen since I left yesterday, it certainly have been one thing after another the last few days.

Kitties are great watching the birds in the back yard...

Have a good one.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Naff off our Bruce's head nasty dwarf!!!

aww thanks susan, but its not working , i guess i need drugs, and go to bed early..
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We set a record for yesterday - 104 at the airport.

NO need to leave the house so I'm staying where it is cooler!
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Goood morning! It's dark outside today. We should be getting some rain soon. I'm not complaining! My yard is mostly brown grass at the moment. It's about 86 out but the heat index says 98!

I'm about to go lock myself in our storage room and sort my china pieces to see what I absolutely need to buy before they discontinue it in January.

I'm positive the cats will not be happy to be locked out of a room I'm in, but they will survive.

I'm gonna make home-made pizza again for dinner tonight. Broccoli and mushroom this time!
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Morning all,iVE been up ALL night again working,I have missed your day,this is the end of my day and the beginning of yours,I am absolutely worn out shattered!! but im off to bed now and I wish you all a very good day and happy friday people!!sorry if i sound dismal for my first post in this post but I am truly tired*yawn*
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Ok I got distracted..what can i say this site is a bit addictiveAnyway Im off to bed.....gnight
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