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My Two Wonderful Bengal Cats

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Hi all!

I didn't even know there was such as thing as a cat forum until today! Fantastic!

Let me introduce myself. I have two wonderful bengal cats that I got from a breeder in Australia. They are wonderful! One is spotted and one is marbled and they bring so much joy!

I would like to post some pics but can't figure out how to do it, so if you're interested, check out some pics of them on their very own Bengal Blog!

I'm glad I found this site!


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Oh I just LOVE your furbabies!
I especially enjoyed the last pic just above the "box" pics. (Where they are cuddled up together) It really shows off their beautiful, yet diverse, coats.
Bengals are just sooooooo lovely and you sure do have a couple of beauties!
Are they from the same litter? They lookto be the same age.
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I'll move this to fur pics
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They are very cute and you have some nice action shots there. I also think your longhaired kitty is quite handsome

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi welcome to TCS! Your bengals are gorgeous and I've enjoyed looking through your blog and photos
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Hi Dodie! Welcome to TCS!

Your bengals are gorgeous!!!!
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It's official..

I'm jealous.. I want a bengal so bad.. Maybe one day..

Yours are soo beauuutttiffull!!
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First of all Welcome!!
The more I see of everyone's Bengal's, the more I want one!!
They are so striking.
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Beautiful cats. Lemme just say that much.


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pretty kitties, I love bengals
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Thanks for the great welcome, everyone!

My boys were born in April 2006 and so they are now 1 year and 4 months old. Whew, time flies! I can't believe they are already over a year old!

Yes, they are from the same litter, and their sister is also in Hong Kong! Yay!

Thanks for all the compliments! If you are considering a bengal, let me say, don't think twice! They are worth it! But make sure you get them from a super fabulous breeder who has done everything right. Mine are perfect! They have totally different personalities but are both perfect and I couldn't ask for more!

But be ready for hands on, in your face cats! Starbuck spends most of his time on top of doors *grin*.

Thanks again for the great welcome, everyone!

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Welcome to TCS..this is such a great site

And o my, What GORGEOUS kitties u have there
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Great Photo's of your kitties in your Blog

I too hope to own a Bengal one day... they are stunning kitties.

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Your Bengal's are beautiful. I too have two Bengals and one is spotted while the other is marbled. My wacky Simba also likes to spend lots of time on time of doors.

I agree Bengals are loads of fun. They bring a lot of joy and laughter into your life.

By the way, is your other cat a Maine Coon?
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You have 3 beautiful cats. I'm partial to marbled cats so I think I'm in love.

Welcome to the web's best cat site.
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Thanks, everyone!

Yup, I love marbled bengals as well as the spotted variety! I have to say, the marbled bengals coats are clearer, the giltter shows more and they are simply beautiful - I've never seen a picture compare to the real thing! Spotted ones are incredible too, though!

Yes, my other cat is a maine coon. They all get along and life is good! There is about a year between them and so I was a little worried that they wouldn't hit it off. I was getting ready for the whole "Introduction Routine" - different rooms, exchanging toys, smelling each other's room etc. All that went out the windown when I left the door open accidentally and they all met - nose rubs at first sight. Incredible! I couldn't believe my eyes!

I have three great cats! I'm soooo lucky!!!
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P.S. Sebastian's middle name is Simba! Small world!
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