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Gilmour Girls, is anyone into it?

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My friend just leant me the first 3 seasons, and I'm just finishing up the first season. I wasn't sure at first, but I'm now really addicted! Curious about other opinions.!
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Yes I l0ve it, they st0pped airing it here th0ugh
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I am so sad that the series has ended.

It is brilliantly written. Thank goodness for DVDs!
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Loved it up until season seven. When the original writers left I quit watching. I feel what they did with Rory and that stupid boyfriend turned a lot of viewers off- I'll avoid spoilers however
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I love Gilmore Girls - addicted actually! I own seasons 1-6 on DVD and am waiting for them to put season 7 out (I live in Hong Kong so it takes a while!).

I am sorry to hear that the writers changed and that season 7 is a let down. Why ruin a good thing!



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I was into it. I don't think season 7 necessarily got bad. But like any show - some people liked her romantic interest and some didn't.

Yeah - I can't believe they ended it so abruptly. It wasn't until about 2 wks before they aired it that they knew they were ending it. I think the closing of the series was a pretty big disapointment. I mean there were some nice endings but no real closure and a lot of holes if you ask me.

But yeah enjoy it - its a good show with clever writing and decent actors.
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I love it! My family is freakishly like them (don't ask LOL) and my mother and I practically are R&L. So it really hits home for us. Not to mention it's fun, usually light, and something nice to fall asleep to.

I don't have the last season and I have no idea what happens--but I heard it's bad. The original writers/creators left the show, so we never got the original ending that was planned for it.
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