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Health Insurance

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Hello -

I have a 7 year-old cat and I just took in a stray kitten. I'm looking into health insurance. When I did a search, I found many policies and I couldn't get a sense for which ones would be best for me. Any advice for which companies to avoid?

Alternately, my vet is now offering insurance for $75 a year - it would only apply to that particular clinic, though.

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Here are a couple, but I don't know how good they are. You should be able to contact them and ask for references.

Pet Insurance
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Thanks, hissy! Those were among the ones I'd found in my web search. I was just wondering if anyone had had personal experiences with any of them.

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I use VPI with the additional routine care supplement with my dog. I love it. It gives me a sense of security if anything happens. I don't have it on my cats though. It just didn't really work out to be efficient for us. The cats don't cost as much as a Dane to get something done.
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I've got policies on my 2 kitties from VPI (the superior plan). I just turned in a claim for $150 which they paid $90 on ($50 deductible). Not too bad. I feel like it's a large premium to pay tho, especially when pets typically aren't that sick when they're younger. But if you wait until they do have something serious then you have to deal with pre-existing which won't be covered.

I went with the Superior plan because the benefits they paid on that plan matched a lot better to what the charges would be for various ailments (my vet helped me with that). I decided not to pay for the routine care supplement cause the benefits didn't look that great. Instead my vet advised to put my money toward the higher paying benefit plan.

I like the fact that they're covered for pretty much anything they could possibly get, including every day stuff like breaking a leg, or swallowing something and needing intestinal surgery, etc.

I would be interested in a similar plan however if one exists that doesn't cost so much per year.
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