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BAD kitty (but soooo cute!)!!!! I need expert advice!

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I have a cat who is about a year old. He was neutered when he was 12 weeks old. BUT, he sprays and tried to beat up the other cats! I have to constantly clean the walls to make sure my house doesn't start smelling. Even with feliway, flower remedies, a billion litter pans with different kinds of litter, clean bill of health, mental/ physical stimulation...
Its a very light spray, maybe droplettes!? Seems like its a territorial thing?

Hes also very bold with all of the dogs(big, little, you name it!). I mean this cat will walk right up to ANY dog and get in its face. Its cute, but at the same time perplexing! Why is my cat such a BUTTHEAD!?

Oh, and hes rawfed. lolz ;-)

heres a video of him with a dog. Hes acting affectionate here, but hes actually being very pushy...


Hes so cute though!!

His kitten pic!

How adorable! Oh my. Im so tied around his paw. =(

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Hi! He is a stunning, extremely dominant, beauty! It looks like he is feeling himself a bit much! From the video it looks like he is the king of the home, dominant of all! All that rubbing on your dog in the clip is him marking the dog as his and reestablishing his dominance over, even when the other cat walked by, he was king of the situation! It sounds that he has been to the vet with them having this information. My first thought was if the neuter was complete. Not common but sometimes this happens. My second thought would be possibly growing up around other cats and dogs, even though the hormonal influence is removed, maybe instinctual dominance and territorial feelings are stimulating this behavior.
Have you ever watched "The Dog Whisperer" with Ceasar Millon (SP?)? Of course cats are very different from dogs in so many ways, yet, especially in your home, there is more relation to his approach. It sounds as if your "boy" kitty has the run of the house and is reinforcing it whenever and however he can! The hardest thing about this is to understand you are allowing it and this is provoking him to increase that behavior.
My suggestion would be to prevent any and all dominant behavior of the home and other animals by impeding when he shows signs of. If he starts rubbing on your dogs, furniture, you, these are signs of extreme territorial dominance, say "no", "stop" whatever command you will use always to distract him from continuing that action.
You do need to get some control of this before it starts to effect the others, it sounds like you have a very relaxed, comfortable pack that you want to keep that way. Of course he is a cat, not a dog, but he is a cat!
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