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i'm new and need advise

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Ok I posted here the article that apeared about me and my cats in the newpaper but it was removed for the time being so i'll just start over.

My name is Jeannette Schultz, google me if you want for the news stories.

2 years ago everything was great I had my 2 cats who i allowed in and out through a cat door which I now know was a big mistake. In june of 2005 my cat Chaos disapeaered from my home. I did everthing to find my baby who I had had since he was a kitten. I couldn't find him. 6 months later my second baby went missing. Cabbie was the coolest cat i had ever had. I rescued him from a taxi company yard sleeping under cabs. It was love at first site. As I was waiting for a ride home he jumped in my lap and that was it. Home he went with me. Cabbie always wanted to be outside. He had been a street cat for so long and I was told by my vet that he was at least 10 years old.
I was crushed when he went missing. I did not ever give up hope as both my cats disapeared with collars and microchips. they were also licensed with the county i lived in.
About 6 months later my neighbors cut down the trees on the property line and found a large pile of orange cat hair. We all assumed it was Cabbie. It was my closure.
Now 2 years after they diaspeared I get a call from Bestfriends.org telling me they had my 2 cats. They were found in a feral cat sancuary 1 hour from my house dieing and starving. best friends came and took over the facility after the president of the board was arrested for 125 counts of animal neglict/crulity and over 500 of the cats on the property had already died.
I was speachless and so happy to have my babies back again. I was so hurt when they disapeaered that I never got any other animals.
Chaos is ok but very under weight. Cabbie on the other hand is very sick. He had heart worms, FIV (aids) and severe anemia. He weighes 6.5 lbs and he was 17lbs when he went missing. He has diarrea that I'm just starting to get a handle on because i started giving him Pepto bismol. I give him I.V. fluids daily. The vet told me that his bone marrow is no longer producing red blood cells. And that he has a 5% chance of survival. This was not a outcome I could except. I did not just get him back to watch him die. The vet had prescibed him antibotics and vitamins.
I just moved back to Nevada after fighting for custody of my son for the last 6 months in Northern california. The vet bills are piling up and I just don't know what do do. We are so broke.
I am not willing to except the fact that he is going to die. I am sitting here crying while I write this because I feel that there has to be something else I can do, there just has to be a way.
Any advise will help. I give him so much love and talk to him constanty and try to tell him he has to fight. He does not seem to be is pain but it hurts me so much to think I may loose him.
I was told he can have a bone marrow transplant but it costs 5,000. to 8,000 at UC davis in California, but they would problely not agree to do the transplant because of the FIV. All I want is my baby to have a chance. Some of my friends tell me that I'm nuts to hang on to him like this because he is only a cat but to me he is my child and it feels like i'm losing a very big part of my heart. He has had it so hard living in the sancuary in Parump Nevada in the 100 + tempatures with no shelter and the freezing winters. but I feel if he made it this far he is a fighter.
My heart is breaking and all I need is advise, support and people that understand what I'm going through. Any ideas will help.
I feed him a diet of boiled chicken and liver which I have to help him eat because most of him teeth are gone.
Any thoughts.....
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I would not PUT your real name up in a WORLD WIDE WEB enviornment

All I can give you is
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I just read your story in the other thread and also googled the story. Thank you for taking your babies back in. I so hope things work out for all of you. For Cabbie, there may not be much that you can do other than give him lots of love and keep him as comfortable as you can. It sounds like fighting the FIV in such a condition would be very hard.

I don't have any advice. I have never had to face anything like this. I hope you and the cats find the strength to recover together. Sending lots of hugs and vibes for all of you. This is so heartbreaking.

I hope the woman who ran the "sanctuary" is taught something in all this.
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