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Weird Diarrhea

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Before I say anything else, I just want to say that I'm taking my cat to the vet tommorow, and I am posting so I can get some idea of whats wrong with her.

Two days ago, my new kitten who I had gotten the week before started having nasty stool that consisted of brown goop and undigested cat food!

It seems like it just passes right through her system, and I don't think she gets any nutrition from it, because she is very ravenous.

Im really worried about her and would really like to know what this could be!


P.S. I am feeding her the food the pound gave us when we adopted her. I just fed her tuna, and its too early to see if the same thing happens.
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It could be a parasite or bacterial infection that is causing the diarrhea. The vet should request a stool sample to examine for signs of these kinds of causes, and if that's the case, there are medications that will clear it up. In the meantime, try to keep the kitty hydrated--possibly offer tuna water or a little chicken broth (make sure it has no onion or garlic).
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Good luck with your kitty! I know when I adopted my kitty from the shelter, she started have terrible "Di" a few weeks later. A vet visit confirmed she was LOADED with round and tape worms. Eww! I now volunteer at that shelter and all the cats and dogs are wormed correctly, but there's just so many animals and all it takes is one egg. When I help people with adoptions now, I tell them to watch for the symptoms of worms and to get them to the vet. Although we do worm them, it's very likely they may still have some.

Do let us know what happened at the vet.
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I'm taking her to the vet today, and they did ask for a stool sample. It does sound alot like worms, and my vet neighbor (Lucky, aren't I) said that it was probably worms too. Thanks for all your answers!
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