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I really like Zora from the girls that are left!

Don't know how many episodes maybe 3 more?
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I really wish Zora's date would have been better. I'm glad she has a second chance. That one girl really surprised me! She was just too sophisticated for him anyway! If it were me in her position, I would have asked Evan to pull the boat over to get a hamburger and a beer! I felt so bad he wasn't enjoying dinner.
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Ok, I am so embarrassed to ask this, but has anyone been watching American Idol?!

I don't know how it happened, I seriously barely watch tv, but somehow at the end of the last season I randomly watched an episode and I have been addicted ever since. Since I only got to see a few shows before it ended last year, I have been dying to see this season. And it's hysterical!! These first shows are even better than the end ones. I know it's partly cruel because the judges are so mean sometimes, but really I was laughing nonstop last night! :laughing: :laughing:

Please someone else say they are as hooked as I am?
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I think there's only 3 episodes left, too, but I'm not sure.

Janine, I would have made the same faces he did if I was eating that meal! LOL I like your idea...hamburger and a beer.

Melissa really started showing her true colors last week. She was snotty to the other girls, acted like she was just better than any of them. Then, Evan gave each of them a gift and he had a street artist do a portrait of her. When she got it she acted like it was great, and he really thought that she liked it. She got back to the room with another girl and was like "This is hideous! Who gives you a portrait of yourself?!?"
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I was really disappointed with Melissa on the last episode. I liked her till then...but now I think she is catty....no offense to cats.

I really liked Allison, and was VERY disappointed to see her go...I think he really screwed up there.
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i think Joe Millionare is

what a moron! why do i watch this show?

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Did you see there is a new reality show where the TV viewers pick a couple to get married and they have never even met each other!!! Geesh! What will they think of next???
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Debby, the funny thing is that an editor from Psychology Today magazine proposed (no pun intended) the idea for himself a while ago in his column. His theory is that divorce rates are much lower for people with arranged marrages as opposed to those who choose their spouses. He wanted to test his idea that a committment to a marriage, with the tools and desire to work on a relationship would work at least as well as the system our society has today, and he thinks that two people can actually learn to love each other as seen in arranged marriages.
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Heidi - thats true, I was an anthropology major and we studied arranged marriages and indeed the divorce rate is lower, BUT the suicide rate is higher.
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Of course, you have to take into consideration that in many places where arranged marriages still occur, there is no such thing as divorce. (I'm thinking of the Middle East, and we know how many rights women have in many countries there.) I thought it was interesting that a doctor of psychology would consider something like that, and he wrote in a later column that the number of responses from people volunteering to be his arranged partner was astounding.

Of course, leave it to Fox to take something like that and make it a phone in vote.
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