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I liked Joe Millionaire. I thought he was a hottie, myself. The thing that impressed me more than his looks is that he just seemed to be a good person, and although it is the rules of the game he seemed genuinely bothered about lying to all these women.

Carrie, I have to agree with you - Heidi is a tart! I was really hoping for so much better from her since we share the same name (and I know we'll be talking about her on here ). So far I like Zora and Melissa (with the great smile). I thought it was so funny how all the women were acting like such good friends when they got there, but you know the claws will come out soon. Heck they already did just when they were choosing dresses! LOL
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I love reality tv, so I hope Joe Millionaire makes it over here, although they did have some sort of reality dating thing in the UK but I am ptetty sure that the guy involved in that was rich and the girls knew that. From the adverts it just seemed to be about some bloke rather full of himself as none of the women were good enough for him.

The most interesting "realityish" programme I wached recently was contestants competing in front of a panel of judges for a prize of £50,000. However each contenstant had a number of characteristics which the judges could be prejudiced against. i.e age, religion,sexuality ect.
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I loved it when he hit his head on his saddle! LOL
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I thought that was funny, too. Really, he is messing up the facade all over the place and yet none of the girls are catching on. Not only does he bonk his head on the saddle, but then he can't think of a middle name for himself! LOL I guess you see what you want to see, and they want to see a millionaire.
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I missed it! !

I have to figure out what time it's on for next week - sounds quite entertaining!
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I loved Joe Millionare! Zora and Melissa are my top choices. I have a lot of very naughty names I could call Heidi. I feel sorry for Evan. You can tell he is really not liking the fact that he has to lie to all these women. I can't wait untill everything starts to blow up in Heidi's face. The claws will come out and the fur will fly!
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I thought Evan was cute, too. Heidi bothered the you know what out of me. She was too competitive. She doesn't seem to care about him, just winning. Didn't she grab 2 dresses when everyone else only got 1? I am glad her picked Zora, she seems nice and real. Should be interesting next week.
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I thought Zora and Melissa, also, leaning a little more to Melissa.
I was expecting the fur to start flying over the dresses. Heidi is such a **tch!
Evan's gorgeous, but he doesn't seem real bright. It seems like they would have some kind of cover story, like not stumbling over his middle name. It says a lot for him that the deception is bothering him. It would be really nice if the one he picked really did want him in spite of everything. That would be a real fairy tale ending.
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That was such a good show! Can't stand that Heidi! I like the one girl who couldn't find a dress to fit at first...was her name Zora? I'm bad at remembering names at first. I liked Melissa too. There was a really nice blonde girl I liked alot too. I can't remember her name at all. I hope I get a chance to see it tomorrow night again!
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Did anyone watch tonight? I missed the first 20 minutes. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but I was so glad he got rid of Heidi. The look on her face when she didn't get a necklace was priceless. She was so sure she would be chosen. The thing is, she already has a boyfriend, so she went in only for the money and the competition. Luckily, he saw through it, he said he thought she was only into the money.
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Yep! I was in front of the TV! YEAH! Heidi is gone. She needs to GET OVER herself! HELLO EGO! I liked most everyone he did pick, but Mojo bothers me a little. She is the one that kept flapping her gums on the train and wouldn't let anyone else talk. Sure, sometimes you gotta do those things, but I thought it showed some disrespect, which would turn ME off, personally.
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Woohooo!!!!! Heidi is out the door....see ya later!!! Don't let the door hit you on your way out!

I seem to like the guy better after this episode. In the first, he seemed to nervous and wouldn't pull it off. He had it together this time.

But I don't want to hear him complain later on about having to lie. He knew what he was getting into when he signed the contract to participate on this show. It's pretty black and white and anyone with a moral stance wouldn't give in to such a devilish network production.

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I thought his choice of dates was just priceless. Having those prisses picking grapes, shoveling coal and cleaning horse stalls was great. You really did get to see more of what they are really made of than just having dinner. Even hubby thought that was pretty clever.

I pretty much liked his choices, too, but did you hear a couple of his rationales? "She's hot so I wanted to give her a chance." Geesh, Evan, you're getting as shallow as they are!

My two favorites are still in, Melissa and Zora, and I was really happy Heidi got kicked out. I hope she was watching so she could really see what a little witch she came off as. Not that it would matter, but the whole country doesn't like her now. It would be interesting to see how people treat her this week after seeing that show.

Here's an interesting thought that one of the Fox News anchors brought up. He thinks that they tell the girl in the end that he has no money, but he really does have money and it's a trick on everyone! LOL Wouldn't that be funny? It has come to light that Evan has done some modeling and commercials before, so you never know.
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As much as I wanted Heidi out of there, imagine if they kept her on and she ended up to be Evan's pick.

I would *love* to see her face when they say, honey - he has no money!


Evan could have money! He's a very big boy and easily could do modelling with his build. In the TV world anything is possible!
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I loved the mucking out stalls! Those boots that one girl wore with the stiletto heels! I was hoping she would run into mud. I have to say I like Evan, he is using his head with these girls and of course he is going to be swayed by beauty. What hot-blooded american male isn't? But because of the situations he puts them in, he is going to wear down their facade quickly. I loved his explanation about how he wanted them to muck out the stalls and smell the manure, because after a hard day's work, he smells bad himself! I still say none of the girl's are going to want him after he picks once it comes to light that he helped lie and deceive them about money he doesn't have.

Hey, the new reality show coming up? Where America votes to put two strangers together for a marriage? All I can say is where is my TV guide, I am changing channels on that one!
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What! Putting 2 people together for marriage? Dang thats a bit too far. The only reality shows I watch are those on TLC and discovery - the ones where neighbours swap houses and remodel a room. I love home improvement stuff, fascinated with it.
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I watched the 2nd episode of Joe Millionare last night, and i thought it was hilarious! I liked how they said "will love or money win?" Thats what the show is really about anyway. To find out if these girls are shallow enough to dump him when they find out he doesn't have 50 million dollars.

I hope they bring all the girls back in the end, like on survivor and the bachelor, and tell them all as a group that he only makes 19,000 a year. Yeah, make them look even more like gold diggers. lol I'd love to see heidi's face.

Oh, and evan is a model. go to Joe Millionare story on www.thesmokinggun.com

They've got some pics of him.
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Last night was priceless on Joe Millionare! I'm so happy that Zora and Melissa made it. Did you here Heidi's grunt when she wasn't choosen! Shawn and I were bouncing on the couch laughing! The girl who was wearing those high heel boots had me on the floor! Just the look on her face when she had to get down and dirty! Princess indeed!
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oh yeah and California Muscle is who evan modeled for.
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Whoa! That pic on page 2 of the Joe Millionaire Smoking Gun story really doesn't leave much to the imagination! Now that's more than I needed to know about Evan.

It didn't really surprise me that he had done some modeling in the past. I figured it was like most of LA, "I'm working as a waitress, but I'm really an actress" "I'm working construction, but I'm really a model"
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Eww I saw what you are talking about Heidi. Ugh, I really wish I didnt see that!
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i'm not at all interested in watching Joe Millionare, this guy is lacking in both looks & brains,
in my opinion

i can't wait for Survivor: The Amazon, hopefully they do a better job on casting/editing this time. the last two Survivors have been sadly disappointing

the bachelorette is funny, it's nice to see 15 men trying to win over 1 woman (for a change)

i would definitely watch The Real World if we got it, but we don't have MTV.

what else... OOooO, Big Brother ! is that coming back again this year? I loved that show.

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WOW!! Some of those garments(?) were way tooooo revealing, but I must say, I'm impressed. Evan is hotter than a 2 dollar pistol! Even if he is the male version of a silly bimbo.
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Well I did manage to see this week's episode (missed the first one)! And I do think it's done pretty well. I love the types of activities they did, wasn't expecting it to be so funny like that.

But as for the whole issue of in the end when the girl finds out he has no money. . . I think that by then it won't matter because he'll probably have money from now on with all the publicity he's getting. You know how the stars of some of the other reality shows end up getting gigs and contracts and interviews and follow-up shows and all that. . . will be interesting to see what happens!
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I confess. I watched The Bachelorette last night - I just wanted to see how good looking the guys were. And one guy (the rodeo guy) said that Trista is shallow. Because she didnt want to be with him as she is allergic to animals and he has horses. I have to agree with him because if you really liked someone and you are allergic to their animals, get some allergy medication. As for me - love me, love my cats!
That Russ guy was creepy, hanging off her. I liked the basketball player, Jamie and the fireman.
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I caught some of The Bachelorette.

Ick! It looks like a bad fraternity party! Reminds me of my university dayzzzzz...........I don't think I'll be watching that one.

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has anyone been on the joe millionaire official site? it's pretty good. They have profiles of all the girls and who has been eliminated and stuff. Heidi's profile is funny.
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What did everyone think of the last show? Wow, was I wrong about Melissa! What a two faced wench! I still like Zora, but I was really surprised she didn't get booted. I'm putting my money on MoJo right now.
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I saw it, and the dirty looks that Melissa gave everyone. Whoa! I liked MoJo and my moneys on her also. It seems that Zora has a problem with people with money so if she is the last one standing, maybe she will be accepting of him when she finds out he is not a millionaire?
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I missed it, what's the deal with Melissa? She seemed really nice in the first 2 episodes. DOes anyone know how long it's on? I definitely want to see the last ep.
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