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the New Reality Shows

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Looks like they are pushing the envelope yet again. Joe Millionare- taking a handsome, eligible bachelor who makes $50,000 a year and setting him up in a gorgeous mansion and bringing potential wives to him telling them he is worth 50 Million! Could be interesting to watch.

Escape from Experiment Island- they are going to take the participants and drop them off on a deserted island. There quest? They have to build some sort of escape vehicle to get off the island. Whoever gets off the island first, wins the prize! Sort of a monster garage, amazing race, survivor blend! Just when you thought reality shows might be boring!
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Except that from what I have seen, Joe Millionaire makes $19,000 a year! This reality stuff is off the chain!
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oops thanks for correcting me Deb. I just heard the blurb earlier when I was in the kichen.....the television has been off for a couple of days. It has been quite peaceful.
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I think I saw something about another reality show coming on telly, something about a high school reunion. Now, I dont normally watch reality shows, but this has me curious!
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Will it EVER stop???????
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Stick all the reality show makers onto a desert island, the last one to survive gets shot. Hows that?
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Thanks for the early morning giggle- I head for bed with a smile! Goodnight! LOL
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I think the Joe Millionaire one will be hilarious! Imagine those girls faces when they realize their bachelor is really not a millionaire after all???????????? Can't you just picture them trying to come up w/ excuses why they don't want him anymore???????????? PUHLEEEEZE......my feeling is that the real show the bachelor is ridiculous, a bunch of woman throwing themselves at a rich guy. This will be funny to see the ending!!!!!!! I can't stand golddiggers.
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i guess that's what the 'people' want.

why else would they keep coming out with these shows if they didn't do well ratings wise?

da'well.. most of TV these days is garbage anyway.
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I have to say, I'm not a reality TV fan, but some of these new one do have my interest. Joe Millionaire is one of them, for the same reasons Daniela said. If the winner dumps him she will officially be the most shallow person in the US! LOL That High School Reunion one sounds interesting, too. Being thrown back to your high school people and all the reputations and all that. There's another one where they are taking has-been stars (like Corey Feldman) and putting all them together like The Real World, only it's The Surreal World. LOL
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I agree with Heidi and Daniela, Joe Millionaire could be interesting.

I think networks are doing reality shows because they don't have any ideas for other shows. Most TV is junk, and reality shows seem easy to come up with.
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Does anyone knows when Joe Millionaire starts? I think it could be interesting. The high school reunion one sounds interesting too, when does that start?
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I think Australia has the worst new reality show. It's called "meet my folks" and a girl brings home 3 guys who have to perform a number of tasks set by her father, then the father chooses the "best" contestant for his 'little girl'.

I've seen the ads and it looks kind of lame.

Of course, I say it's 'new', when in actual fact the US have probably been running it for years - we always seem to get spin-offs from US reality shows

I think we're getting a kind of Joe Millionaire show as well (although the article I read was probably talking about the US version).

I just can't wait until nonratings period ('midseason') is over. And I don't even watch that much TV...

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We had a show called Meet my Folks on here, but I don't think it's on anymore. It was actually quite funny. I only saw it 2 times, both times the dads were intimidating police/prison guard types. The guys were terrified.
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That's funny - Really Scary Dads... I guess it's just not the same to say, "meet Dad - He's a librarian"
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Meet My folks is starting again soon, but this time the guy is bringing home 3 girls to meet his parent.

Ok - everyone knoes I have a reality TV addiction! I refuse to watch Joe Millionaire because the whole principal of the thing (false marketing to the "contestants") really bothers me. There is very little integrity on reality shows as it it - to me this is just throwing the concept of integrity out the window. I am, however, looking forward to the Bachlorette(sp).
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Originally posted by manomi
That's funny - Really Scary Dads... I guess it's just not the same to say, "meet Dad - He's a librarian"
Ohhh..you better treat my daughter right or I'll tie your hands together and give you paper cuts!


Ady, your looking for integrity from a hollywood production?? Hollywood is based on ratings not integrity. And the Bachelorette is not any better. Yes, throw 20 model men at me and I WILL find my true love. If not, then I will have many modelling contracts or at least a Playboy spread!

Poor, poor Ady. Integrity is a dirty word in Hollywood.

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Haha, remember that 'who wants to marry a multimillionaire? Whatever happened to that woman? Didnt she go off for a playboy shoot?
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I can't wait to see Joe Millionare! When I first saw the preview I thought it was just one of those stupid shallow shows. The next time I saw the preview the mentioned he made $19,000 a year and he doesn't have $50 million. I about fell off my chair! It's the most evil diabolical show and I can't wait to see all these pretty thin beauties fall flat on their faces! I hate reality shows but this one is going to be really good! Money does not make one happy! Consider yourself rich if you find true love!
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For those who don't know, Joe Millionaire starts tonight on Fox.
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I don't know if it's considered a reality show but I caught a glimpse of the Anna Nicole Smith show on E channel the other day. :disturbed
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Originally posted by Anne
I don't know if it's considered a reality show but I caught a glimpse of the Anna Nicole Smith show on E channel the other day. :disturbed
Oh Anne.. you missed our thread!!

The Anna Nichole Show Thread

I call the show = Brain Rott!
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Anyone know what time the Joe Millionaire show is on tonight? West coast US time? Usually not into these reality shows, or tv in general for that matter, but from the sounds of this one it might be worth a good laugh or two! :LOL:
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Ok - Just finished watching Joe Millionaire.

I'm not really impressed with the guy. Sure he is dark haired and tall, but to me that's all he has. He was stumbling through the conversations and just doesn't do it for me. And the hair, ick! He needs a new hairstylist.

I'm watching this show just to see the women fight for the money that isn't there. Oh, to see their expressions!!!

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a tribute to the British television producers who did the following (note: this is an article from the Sydney Morning Herald www.smh.com.au)

How far will it go??

Crime does not play
By Nick O'Malley and Alexa Moses
January 7 2003

The dupe of a new English reality TV show stabbed a cameraman in the leg after he was set up to steal a car.

In the show, Swag - made for England's Channel 5 and conceived by the increasingly ubiquitous Guy Ritchie - people are tempted to break laws. In one episode a bagful of booze was left in a pub until it was pinched, and the thief was then accosted by the producers. But things didn't turn bloody until an expensive car was left in the street with keys in the ignition. Soon enough, a punter tried to start the car, which automatically locked him in and started filling with foam.

Naturally, he kicked out the windows to escape, and when he saw a cameraman filming the action he stabbed him in the leg with a screwdriver. The cameraman was taken to hospital with a minor wound.

The story prompted us to find out how far Australian reality TV producers would be prepared to go.

"I think that's almost an ethical question," began David Mason, producer of The Mole, Who Dares Wins and Treasure Island, before adding that he would never do anything illegal.

"Encouraging someone to commit a crime is a crime, but there is a difference between moral and legal, isn't there?"

Mason believes Australian audiences have little stomach for humiliating set-ups but concedes that sometimes contestants have been humiliated. "As a producer, we want to stretch people's emotional boundaries," he said. Apparently not to the point where they start hacking the crew apart.

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when I said "tribute" I meant it ironically. I don't condone criminal activity or violent behaviour, or anything that encourages either or both.

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Joe Millionaire was funny! I thought Jen was sincere, but I don't remember if she got a necklace or not. HEIDI IS A COOCHIE! I cannot stand her! There were some of them talking about money and we were all dissing them, but you never know! The producers might be ASKING them about the money and they show their answers and not the fact they are being questioned.

I don't think Evan is all that bad looking. Of course he was stumbling through conversations. He was in the middle of a lie and probably had no idea how to handle it! I think I would be MORE afraid of him if he was a smooth operator! lol
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I like the idea behind the show--find a woman who loves you for who you really are, and not the money. All I can say is, what a bunch of gold-diggers!! Oh, this is gonna be fun once the claws start coming out. I personally think this guy is very handsome. If he wasn't so young, I'd have liked to meet him! Yes, he could use a haircut, but otherwise he is fine. (And I do mean "fine"!) I think the only reason why his speech is stumbling is because he has to be so careful not to give his secret away. But then I'm not really into all that refinement and panache. :tounge2:
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I didnt watch it, but I saw an interview last night with that gy and he mentioned that he had chemistry with the girl he picked....doesnt that kind of give it away?
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Yeah, he did mention about 'chemistry' when he was talking about each one last night, didn't he? I cannot remember who it was, though!
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