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Grieving Mother Cat Please help!

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My Cat become pregnant and did not have a normal pregnancy at all we have had a few a few litters before but this was by all means un normal.
She is about 6 yrs old and got pregnant by a male cat as soon as he came in to maturity he showed no signs of maturing when we found him a few wks earlier.
Any way she seemed to be blossoming and putting on weight so no need for concern she was massive and loads of milk and she seemed to have contraction for a week so we took her to the vets who told us she seemed pregnant but as she couldnt feel any babies the chances was she was havin a phantom pregnancy.
We was really sad for her but the vet said to give her a wk then bring her back for a c section.
We were now starting to panic for her safety as we were told if they had died she could get septicimia.
a week exactly later she gave birth on our kitchen floor to a baby boy 1 Kitten yes you read right she only had one kitten.
we had to do a lot for her as her mothering instincts were not there.
And that 1st night he stopped breathing but we revived him.
She was very overprotective as she only had 1 and bein a 1st time mummy and she seemed to suffocate him sometimes so she was on 24hr watch.
He stopped breathing for a 2nd time at 2wks old but yet again we revived him.
At 3 wks old cosmo started to walk and focus on you and follow you and seemed all was well.
Last Night 24hrs before he was due to turn 4wks old his temperature dropped we were told to keep him warm and keep a eye on him a few hours later he took his last breath this tme with no survival.
At first tabby his mother didnt seem to notice he was gone i think she just thought he was sleeping somewhere else seen as she always forgot where she left him. Then she started to search for him but would go back to being unaware again.
I heard a noise coming from the bedroom and she had found him in the box inside the cupboard we had put him in till we could bury him. she was scratching at it and screaching she nearly had it open.
Since then she has been a mess walking round aimlessly crying, wining, screeching, keepin guard at the door, I really felt for her. We buried him in our garden and she sat at the kitchen window and watched the whole thing like she knew what was happening.
I am really worried about her and dont know what i can do for her as she seems so distressed she still atempts to search for him to any help of what I could do to take her mind of it or perk her up a bit I really concerned
Sorry it was so long
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im so sorry for your loss, she will get better it may take a few days sometimes a week but she will get better. you can try some of her faviorte foods, try playing with her, giving her plenty of love if she will let you. it is very hard to watch i know it broke my heart when one of mine it happend to. you did everything you could for this kitten.
please get her spayed when the vet feels its safe to do so, you wont have to go through this sad time again and nither will she. i hope she returns to her normal self soon.
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Depending on how you buried him, his scent should be in the dirt. Scoop up just a bit of dirt from his burial site (I am not saying dig him up) and put this dirt into an empty sock (put two socks together for strength) then give her this sock. His smell will be inside the sock, and she may start carrying this around with her, or sleeping with it for comfort. Please get her spayed as well, that will help her get over the grief quicker.
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The previous posters have given excellent advice and I can't add any except to echo their recommendation that you get her spayed soon. Adding to the tragedy of feline overpopulation is something that is up to each of us who truly loves cats to be proactive in stopping.

I am so sorry for your loss. Please give her lots of love and attention from all of us.
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Hi yea thanks for all that advice
we have booked in with the vet for a check up but the vet doesnt feel she is stable enough to leave the house as she will now not leave the bedroom window its like she just watches over his grave.
we buried him in a box in the soil.
She still wants alot of attention so we are doin our best and will get her spayed as soon as we can thank you
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THANK YOU -- it sounds like you are doing all the best things you can for her. Please keep us posted on her progress and give her lots and lots of love -- it can't be easy for her right now.
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