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My gorgeous granddaughters!

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Got new pix today:

Isabel and Feliza, goofing


The twins turned 4, back in April and Mia is 10 mos.
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aw they are adrobale , i bet your such a proud grandmommy.
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Aww how cute!
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They are beautiful! You have gorgeous granddaughters, but you know that! The twins look like they have a lot of character, too.
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U have such adorable granddaughters I bet u are so proud They are just darling, and they sure are some characters I bet
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They are precious!! I bet the twin are getting to be a handful! One 4 yr old is hard enough to manage much less two. And Mia is just adorable. What a beautiful family!
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They are absolutely adorable.
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Awwww they're beautiful!
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Thank you, all. The twins are actually very well-behaved - my DIL is seeing to that. Mia is into making faces at people. If she likes someone, she squinches up her eyes and puckers her lips. Since she did this to me, during lunch, I guess this means I'm on the "people she likes" list.

The twins are in their second year of pre-school and are doing well. Mia isn't walking unassisted, yet but she DOES pull herself up and walks around the furniture. She's also climbing, like a monkey.
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Oh My Heart...what GORGEOUS babies
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lovely and adorables girls!
thank you for share my friend!
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They are precious!!
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They're adorable and they're growing up soooo fast.
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Not to highjack the thread ,but did you read about Cheyenne, in the crossing the bridge?
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they are so cute, what a lucky Grandma
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Whoa! They are growing up so fast! I remember when Sam was pregnant. I can't believe how fast time goes by!

They are so beautiful!
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