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A funny fish story

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I like fish, but didnt really realize what personality they have, until yesterday.

The hospital my mom was in, had a few HUGE saltwater aquariums, and my sister and I were having loads of fun just watching one tank inparticular.

I am not a fish person, so anyone who is, please step in!!

Anyways, this one tank had a Nemo fish in it(and yes, that was his name), it also had a bunch of other things, now for the life of me I cant remember what they were called. They are the things that when they die, they are called coral...I think Anyways, this Nemo kept sitting in that thing and like rubbing his back,lol. We went and asked the girls at the front desk if he was stuck, and they said hes been doing that for like a week now....it was so funny!! Then Popeye, the some 'lil orange fish was sooooo hysterical!! He actually played hide-n-seek!!

Oh my goodness, we had such a good time watching that tank!! They made it rather entertaining.
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Oh yeah! I have three bettas; two boys and a girl. Well, a month ago, my smallest boy and my girl shared my 10 gallon tank (it was divided, of course!). Well, my cat accidently got locked into my room, where the fish tank was. I hadn't bought a -proper- lid for it, so I had just a simple piece of plastic coving it, so the fish couldn't jump out.

Well, my cat decided to jump on top of the tank, breaking the lid of the tank, which in turn, pushed the plastic, bendable divider down so that the two bettas could co-mingle.

I came home from school, saw the divider bent in half, and FREAKED. I searched the tank, hoping to not find two dead or injured fish. I found Sulfa, my male crowntail betta, cowering under Moonie's (my female plakat, which is the type of betta that are best known for their fighting skills) tree decoration. =3 He looked disheveled. Moonie was just cruising around, showing off for me, like usualy, not a scratch on her, whereas Sulfa have a few rays bloody from Moonie beating him up. =3

For weeks after that, after I fixed their divider and got them a proper lid, Sulfa would flare our his gill beard at Moonie, as if saying, "If I could get through this divider, I'd rip you to shreds this time!"

It's halarious! I love fish personalities! They seem so...so simple and small to have such colourful personalities, yeah? =3
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Fish personalities are hilarious! I love to watch our two 55 gallon community tanks. We have a large pink kissing gourami, and our rainbow shark always chases him throughout the tank. He just carries on like nothing happened. The other fish dont really pay attention to anything. In our other tank, we have 5 tiger barbs, two zebra danios, pictus catfish, a jack dempsey cichlid, convict cichlid and firemouth cichlid. They are also a riot to watch. Especially when food time comes around
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Nemo (the clownfish) was enjoying his mutualistic relationship with a sea anemone which is not actually coral, but attaches itself to coral.
Clownfish protect anemones from fish that would eat them, and the stinging tentacles of the anemone protects the clownfish from predators.

And yes, fish can have some amazing personalities.
I had a huge red oranda (goldfish) some years ago that would look like he was shouting "POP" every time you pointed at him.
I named him Daddy Boom Boom.
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