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The Usual Suspect - Urine!

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Hi everyone!

So here's the scoop:

My 2 year old cat, Okage, had a little of kittens around February. She had three, and we decided to keep one. We named him Brutus, and he's a very playful, affectionate, and opinionated little kitty. At the time, one of the kittens had peed on the futon. We learned it was Brutus. Then there was new urine every day. No amount of cleaner was stopping it, the only thing that temporarily worked was double-sided tape. Eventually, we threw out the futon and got a new couch when the other two kittens had been adopted. The urinating ceased after this.

Now Okage had another litter about 6 weeks ago. There are four little babes. Brutus paid them no attention at first, but now he is quite playful and fatherly to them. Two weeks ago, we found urine on some of my boyfriend's stuff (weaponry for Amtgard, made out of pool noodle, duct tape, and nilon if that's relevent at all). We ended up throwing them out right away so whoever peed wouldn't do it again. Now the kittens are free to roam, and someone has urinated in the exact same spot, on similar items to the first time.

We threw the stuff out again, but my boyfriend is afraid this is getting costly, and is considering getting rid of our two cats (the kittens are all going to have homes in a few weeks anyways).

We're moving into a new place soon that has carpet, so he's worried that they will have similar accidents there, and we'll never get the smell out. Since the two incidents are spaced so far apart, I think there may be an outside trigger, rather than health.

The main problem is:

a) we don't know if Brutus is the one peeing, possibly in protest to the kittens. Or if Okage is doing it, because we don't let her outside anymore and that's where she used to often go to the bathroom (we don't want her pregnant again until we can afford to have her fixed). The items in question are frequently outside, and I wonder if the the 'scent' of outside causes her to want to urinate there.

b) the room isn't often frequented by either cat, or the kittens.

A friend suggested setting up a webcam to catch the culprit, but again, it's only happened twice, so I'm not sure how long we would have to wait for another accident.. especially if it might have only been a matter of the litter boxes being slightly too dirty for someone's liking.

Any suggestions? I really, really don't want to lose my cats.
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Welcome to TCS!

I hate to sound rude, or blunt, but I am afraid I will. Get them all fixed if they aren't already. Brutus is likely peeing where he shouldn't to mark his territory. He is now an intact adult male & as the spraying has already started, if you neuter him now then move to a new place, it should be easier to kick the haibt.

Another thought? UTIs(urinary tract infections) are common in cats. It makes it painful to urinate. You can take Brutus to the vet & have his urine tested to see if he has a UTI/crystals. Anti-biotics clear up UTIs. And a UTI in a male can cause a completle blockage & death.

(Boy, I am miss negativity today! Sorry! )
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Yeah, I thought of UTI, since they are more common in males.. but because it wasn't happening very frequently, I didn't think it was as likely. That plus we give him these healthy UT pills that are supposed to prevent UTIs (but I supposed accidents can still happen!).

I knew that neutering will often stop spraying 87% of the time, I thought it might help for urinating too.. but it's good to hear that it can!

I brought that suggestion up to the boyfriend; he's worried about spending a lot of money to get him fixed, and then finding out it's Okage that's peeing. I personally think (and hope!) that if we get him fixed, and then move, there won't be a problem.

Also, thanks. I'm hoping I can convince him to try getting Brutus neutered first...
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I am also sorry if I may sound rude, but having both, spayed/ neutered, is what is going to allow solace in your home amongst everyone. It doesn't sound as the kittens are planned, it can't be any more routine interruptive in your lives to have kittens on top of your 2 kitties then it would to have both fixed and avoid more spraying plus many other behavioral issues that develop as they get older. Male tom cats can truly cause havoc in and outside a home, attracting all strays, spraying and destroying furniture and other. Females can also attract outside strays, even if not allowed out.....It is best to invest some money to have them fixed, maybe your local ASPCA can help financially, in the long run you will all be happier!
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It's not rude, no worries! I'm going to call around today for prices; I know spaying is a little more pricey than neutering, and since neutering will likely solve the immediate issue, we'll probably get that done first. Then spaying next pay check. My boyfriend saw the tearful state I was in yesterday and caved to the idea of trying to get them fixed before we get rid of them.

*sigh* And yes, the kittens were not planned. She escaped for one day just after the first litter were born. I guess that's all it takes. Thankfully we had no problems finding homes for them.

On a side note, luckily, in our new place, we'll be on the top floor, and there are THREE doors she would have to slip past to escape. So, it's not likely she'll be getting out again! But even still, we're going to have her spayed, for her health and our sanity.
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