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Another urine-related question, but not one answered.

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My cat, Sasha (Female, Snowshoe, anti-social, fixed, once a mother with one heckuva personality), has always peed on my bed. Since we adopted her from my Grandpa's old stray cat's litter of six, about three years ago. Not constantly, just when I neglect doing the litter box, when we first got her and she had no idea where she was, and, most recently, every day during the week when we babysit my little cousin.

We've been babysitting him for over a year, every week day for ten hours a day (8am to 6pm). You'd think she'd be used to him by now. He's going to be two years old in October. Aiden (the little boy) has never, ever been mean to her. He's never once pulled her tail, hit her, screamed in her ear, pulled her fur, stepped on her or ran toward her. He's always hung back and tried to let her come to him, because he knows she'll run if he tries to touch her. It confuses him, because his cat, Lizzy, is the exact opposite. Back on topic...

For the past two weeks, for every single day he's been here, she's left a puddle of urine in the middle of my bed. We've put the litter box, her food and water, and whatever toys of hers we can find in my bedroom (where she stays during the day because of Aiden), but she still pees right in the middle of my bed. Never off to the side, where she sleeps, but right in the middle where I sleep.

You can predict the problems, of course.

a) Cat urine stinks and isn't easy to get out of fabric when it's been peed on repeatedly. (Using vodka would be highly advised against, as my family is full of alcoholics and addicts. Heh. Send my Grandpa out to buy some and we'll find him in Mexico a week later with a tattoo on his butt and an empty bank account.)

b) We can't 'get rid' of the child, we desperately need the money and we love the little guy!

c) We live in apartments, have little money, and have no car to take the bedding to the laundry mat. Laundromat? You know what I'm talking about...

d) Sasha, we love her dearly, but we can't have this happen every day of the week! If we ever, god forbid (albeit, I'm an atheist), had to get rid of her, she'd undoubtably be put down. She won't let anybody but my Mother and I touch her, if she can help it. By 'if she can help it', I mean that we sometimes hold her so Aiden can pet her, (so she doesn't bite or scratch him) and on the rare occasions when she has to go to the vet (The last time we took her in, the vet cringed remembering having to take her out of the cat carrier. He's still got the scars on his hands. Oh, we took her to check for urinary infections. Alas, she had none. Well, she did have worms, but that's being taken care of.).

e) My bed gets peed on!

We really don't know what to do. We can't shut my bedroom door, because the bathroom is through my bedroom and it gets burning hot in there during the day (during the summer, obviously. It's fine in there in daytime in the winter.). Tomorrow we're going to try putting my mattress on it's side ad seeing what happens. I hope she doesn't decide to use the box spring as a litterbox.

I know she's telling me that she doesn't like him at all. Heck, sometimes I don't like the kid. (It's that fire engine cry that flips the switch.) She adores me, and hates being stuck in my bedroom all day, where I'm not. She will not leave my bedroom at night, while I sleep, unless she absolutely has to. If I go in my bedroom during the day, though, Aiden will follow me. That just ticks her off more.

*slams head on table* Someone help us, please. Any input would be helpful.
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This is such a hard issue to deal with! I really feel for you! There are so many surrounding circumstances that may or may not enable this behavior. The primary reason for cats urinating and defecating on usually the favorite persons bed is stress and or protest/punishment towards that person. We all know you can't tell a cat to do something, and often it is extremely difficult to ask them to! How to ask them to do something without pissing them off and turning around, doing what you were trying to get them to stop doing anyway.....arghhhhh!
First thing is to make sure you keep her litter clean. By letting it go to the point of her looking else where in protest is encouraging her to pee on your bed! Make a routine of it, every/every other day, scoop out poop and urine spots, maybe add a little fresh litter if needed. You have to do this, this is the most important part of disabling that behavior.
Second, I understand financial problems, but you have to get new bedding atleast, your mattress is probably permanently marked as well at this point. The smell of urine is just causing her to repeat this behavior. At this point, if it has been going on for a while, the bed could become a common spot as well. If it is what it sounds like and you haven't been able to even clean up after it, this is extremely unhealthy for you and your family! Please understand that is important! Your entire bedroom could become a litter box if you don't take proper precautions at the same time.
If you are able to do these things, it is a major start!
My beloved Pandi was a terror cat, skittish, vicious, my friends hated her! She was my best friend though, and did this very thing 3 different times over 16 years. All 3 times she was pissed off at me, first litter to dirty, other 2 times I was away and had someone take care of her. The last time I even expected it! That was it though, 16 years...........
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