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I thought that I would post this article on a disease that isn't all that new. My brother's black lab Heather died from this 5 years ago - and she was only a family pet. His new(er) lab, Bailey is now vaccinated for this disease. BTW, we live in New Hampshire.

Vets Warn Of Potentially Fatal Disease Affecting Dogs
Illness Common In Hunting Dogs Seen In Backyard Pets

OMAHA, Neb. -- A fatal disease often found in hunting dogs has been infecting some backyard pets.

Some dogs in the Midwest have been contracting leptospirosis, commonly found in hunting dogs who often come in contact with wildlife.

A dog contracts the disease by drinking tainted water or by getting contaminated water on the skin.

"The main vectors or the main animals that spread it are possums, raccoons, little rodents -- most of the things we have running through our back yards at nighttime," veterinarian Dr. Michael Hord said.

Veterinarians said the disease starts with flu-like symptoms, then attacks the dog's kidneys and liver. Often, owners don't catch it until it's too late.

The disease can be prevented with a vaccination.
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Ooh good post!

I can't remember if the vet down here gave my dogs shots for this (I could check, but I don't want to get up right now ) But I know my NY vet was absolutely adamant that I get that vaccine for my old dog. Apparently a lot of animals on Long Island were coming in contact with it that he was insistent that every animal who went outside at all get this vaccine.

Now, I'm not one to overvaccinate a pet or anything... but this vet I trust more than anyone I've ever met and I had known him for 14 years at the time. He was genuinely worried. So if HE was that worried, then this was a vaccine I was going to make sure my dog had!

Erm yeah, so the point of my babbling is that apparently this is getting more and more common in the northeast.
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