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Relentless Kitten!

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Can someone tell me what's up with our new kitten, Turtle? She's nuts over human food! Granted, she likes her food quite a bit as well, but she really goes to any lengths to get ours. She even tries to push her way into our mouths as we're eating and grab the food (That was kind've cute at first, but she doesn't hesitate to bite the food/mouth its in, so it's not so cute anymore XD)! I've had a food happy cat before, but even he wasn't this bad. She certainly gets enough of her own food, and we haven't fed her any human food scraps, so I don't understand what's making her so nuts about it.

When she gets bad enough we put her in a different room, but is that something we're going to have to do all her life, or will she grow out of this?

Some facts about her:
She's about 4 months old
She was adopted from a shelter - found as a stray and brought in
She lives with 2 other kittens, one almost as food-crazy as she is
She's tiny, was possibly the runt of her litter
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She's only known to fight for food, and it'll be a while til she gets that she doesn't have to any more. It's a very strong instinct after all, but don't let her get away with it either or you'll end up with a fat cat and chaos.
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I agree. "Nip it in the bud" while she's still young.
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A stern "NO!" and removing her from where you're eating (table, etc) and she'll soon learn that your food is not her food.

Forgot to add that we adopted a kitten about 2 years ago who was food happy. Now she's content to just lay under the table while we eat, so there's hope!

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