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Do you see a kitten?

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I don't know where to post pictures of my new baby but here is one taken last night. I think he has already grown since we took him in. I've been weighing him nightly and he's gained about 3 ounces since we brought him in on Saturday.

Do you see where the kitty is?

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ohhhh.....soooooooooooooo cute!! I need to get me one of those!!!
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OHHH yes, its the fat white one with the little blue shirt one

Cute picture
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I think he needed to pick more cat like animals to hide in... the donkeys gave him away. Cutie though!
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OMG! That is ADORABLE! & I Eeyore
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He sure is a cutie.
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Yeah I am an eeyore nut and I have a picture of our dog as a puppy hiding in all the eeyore stuffed animals so we have to take that picture with all our animals now. We considered naming him eeyore because he was grey but think the name Chaos suits him better.
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I had a bunch of beanie babies on the shelf above my other bed. Several of them were white, including a "kitten". Well my little 3 month old rex kitten got on the bed and was sitting in with the animals - she looked just like a beanie baby - was about the same size and you had to look twice
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oh my god! he's beautiful!!! so so so so cuteeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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He's a lovely colour, and seems to have made a few friends since Saturday...

Keep them coming
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