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Dodo sweetie,
your written English is so good that once you start talking you'll get over your problems so quickly you won't even notice!!!
I had the same problem having studied Enlish for years on end but rarely having the chance to speak it. Even now I can lose teh knack of it if I don't practice for a long time! You can do it girl!
I wish you all the best and great success!
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dodo - congratulations on your PHD ! I never knew anyone with one of those! I feel honored............God bless your new journey ahead of you!
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What dodo didn't tell everyone is how very difficult it is to get accepted into a Ph.D. program in psychology. It is more difficult to get into a Ph.D. program in psych than it is to get into medical school!! Also, dodo is going into one of the most elite areas of psychology. I have tremendous respect for you dodo and I am very proud of you.

By the way, we have several international students in my graduate program...from Hungary, Bangladesh, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Tiawan. The key to their survival has been forcing themselves to spend time with the American students. If you talk only to your husband or other international students, you will continue to struggle with spoken english. But...if you hang-out with the American students, you will find that your spoken english improves rapidly. I have been teaching international students for 9 years, so trust me when I say that your english will be fine if you make yourself spend time with your fellow students.

I wish you success! I know you can make it!
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Hi. I am new to the fora, the mother of 2 beautiful kitties, and a high school English teacher. I really love what I do, but tend to get overwhelmed by the extra duties we are required to perform.

I am happy to have this opportunity to share about myself and am looking forward to knowing more about you!
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Jaeni you need to go back to the LOunge and start a thread introducing yourself. You will be missing out on a GREAT catsite welcome if you don't - In the mean time WELCOME TO OUR KITTY FAMILY!!!!
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There is a "real life" -- tee hee it's late and
I am on here when all is asleep and not a creature
is stirring not even a himmy!

I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)with a two year old
toddler, hubby and himmy! It was a big decision whether to work
or stay home for me. I didn't know how to handle no deadlines
when I stayed home. I worked in Operations for 9 years in the Corporate World and travelled some with my job (efficient in computers since the DOS years!) I will return to work when baby starts school. I am attending college to further my education when toddler turns three. I want to major in Journalism. I belong to many clubs to keep my skills going - Mommys club for me and my son, I have made a website and chat board on my own site to help mommys keep their computer skills fresh and stay updated with technology. I have a movie group in the club too. I volunteer to an online cat club by giving cat care advice to new cat owners and writing cat articles for the site's newsletter. For the person who posted about not liking receptionist work -- hang in there - with your education and skills you will probably get recognized in your company and get promoted.
I was a receptionist once and became Admin. Assistant to the
Sr. Vice President of Operations!
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I work as a finish carpenter We do the finish work..ie staircases, stair rails, beautiful cabinetry, crown, molding, base, pocketdoors, countertops, caseings etc....anything with wood that beautifies the home...it's a great job and I've been doing that for quite some time. I also work as a personal trainer on weekends and some nites. There's so much to do; so little time in the day!

Oh yeah and my partner and I just invented a tool; I'll be happy when that hits the market...maybe no more work after all. :laughing: Nah, I love to work and it'd be so boring not to. Although, I wouldn't mind giving it a try for a couple of months :LOL:

Love, Peace &
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I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed this thread. It has really helped me learn so much about the people here!
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You and I are neighbors!! and we have the same BORING job!!

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Currenty I'm unemployeed. I was a bank teller but when new management took over they started firing people and making it very difficult to work there. Guess they wanted to hire a whole new staff. It just so happen at the time I was fired that a lot of local factories started laying off workers so I've had a really hard time looking for work. I've been out of work for 2 months and it's so boring. My poor hubby has been working overtime to make up for it but it's rough going. Hopefully soon, my luck will change.
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dodo I just wanted to say "you go girl".

I think its great.

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Well I am simply a housewife. I work plenty keeping up my home and my father-in-laws home but do not go out to work. I have worked in the past but it has been ages. When I am not home doing housework I enjoy taking photos. I am trying to photograph all of the plantation homes along the Mississippi River between St. Francisville and New Orleans, Louisiana. Both homes that are open to the public and the private ones. I also photograph other historic sites in this area and some of our bayous. Just a hobby that I wish I could spend more time doing.
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Well Meme, I've seen your work and I've seen your webpage and both are filled with artistic talent! I think you're probably one of the finest photographers around! :flash:

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Wow, thanks Catarina
But I am still learning and dont have much of a camera to work with. Thanks for your nice comments!
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