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What do you do in real life?

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Sandy, Donna and I were talking yesterday and we have learned what a few people do on the site for work in their "real life." and we were wondering about the other friends we have made. For instance, you all know that I am the President of an animal rescue organization and a features writer for a city newspaper in Connecticut. But, that is not my full time job. I work in social services, for the Department of Children and Families. I assist the state during administrative hearings against families that abuse their children. I also write petitions and social studies that assist in taking children away from their parents. So I guess sometimes I am a little jaded in my ansers on the forum as I see so much cruelty in people regarding both children and animals. My husband works in a psychiatric hospital - also in Social Services. How about everyone else?
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that is so strange that you bring that up Rene!

i just started a thread an hour ago asking that very
question (though it's not in the subject)


i write for a living, and at 20, i have a lot of goals, one
of them being, being involved with animal rescue & counselling
for adults & children.
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Hey Rene,

Don't you remember? I work for you!

Serious though, I am a staff writer and message center clerk at another newspaper in connecticut. I also am a Public Relations Liaison (I prefer "Diva") and volunteer for Helping Paws, which I love doing.
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I am a at home mom right now! my hubby is a truck driver and does national runs! Home 2 days every 2 weeks!
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I'm an elementary school teacher, studying for my masters degree in administration.
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Ash; First of all let me welcome you. I must have missed your introduction. If your husband is a trucker he may have met my brother Ward; he is a cross-country trucker also. His CB handle is "Jolly Green Giant". He is 7'2" tall and skinny; if they have ever met your hubby might remember him.

Now, to answer Rene. First of all, let me just say how much I respect what you do. Innocent children need a good person to intervene on their behalf. Your job must be very rewarding at times and very depressing at others. I know I couldn't handle it.

I am a retired Floral Designer. Though I do not work full-time anymore I still design for a friend who owns her own shop. I also illustrate childrens' books and do comissioned art work on a free-lance basis.
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I am an advertising manager. Actually I sell advertising space in a variety of different magazines. It is okay keeps my outta trouble
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I work at a music research company, and basically do music promotion. At this point in my career, it's my entire life for the most part. I spend more time here than anywhere else. I easily put in 65 hours a week. But most days I absolutely love it & wouldn't want to be doing anything else in the world.
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This thread was a great idea Rene!
I saw your thread earlier Blue (great minds think alike), and didn't get a chance to post yet. I will get to it though :flash:
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I work as a webmaster - trying to make a living in the midst of the "dot com doom"...

I do a some freelance web design and work long hours on this site. You know, 2 years ago, this site could have made 2000$ monthly or so in advertising. Now it makes a measly 30$

But I'm definitely enjoying it!

Amanda, do you sell ad space for any cat magazines? I might be interested if you have any promotions
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I am an Executive Assistant for a large engineering company in Canada.
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I am an IT Trainer. I train at a CTEC, mostly the Microsoft MCSE courses, and some Web Design.
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I am a registered nurse working in a pediatric office doing telephone triage. Not crazy about it but, due to arthritis, unable to be on my feet very long so this is a nursing job I can do.
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I spend my days working for a Software company in the accounting department. My real enjoyment is volunteering with Rene's animal rescue organization. This is not a job but it has many rewards. I foster puppies and dogs and I get paid in kisses which beats money any day. Just knowing I helped save the lives of these precious babies is all the payment I need.
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I'm a legal secretary for a law office that specializes in insurance defense and construction defect. It's a job that I love but my real love is my babies and judging cat shows. I have a wonderful boss who understands where I'm coming from and has no problems with me having to take off time from work to travel to the shows. I usually do weekend shows and have to fly on redeyes as I judge on the east coast.

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Sorry. I'm a retired professional journalist and a graduate of the University of Oregon School of Journalism. During the workaday-world phase of my life I was: journeyman reporter, film editor, producer, news presenter (anchorman), announcer, news editor, chief writer and news director. Those titles encompassed magazines, newspapers, radio and television. I am currently employed full-time as a couch potato and I'm loving every minute of it (actually every other minute)!

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I'm a Data Management Specialist, but am pretty much a joat (jill of all trades) around here (Central Michigan University - Alumni Development (we ask alums for $)). I do data manipulation, programming, web pages and trouble shooting. I am also a wife (a full time job there ) and mother to 6 cats and a dog. I just started fostering dogs with a speciality of large dogs. My first foster comes home tomarrow! He's a 10 month old Great Dane / German Shepherd Dog and already 80+ pounds. I plan on getting involved in cat rescue too (though not the kind I currently do which is they stay with me forever =) ), but since no one else in the area I know of does it I have to start from the ground up.
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My life is pretty dull compared to everyone else's expertise and fields. I work full-time as an office manager, and am finishing my last three classes at home. I will graduate in August with my Psychology degree and then, most likely, not use it. I want to become accredited in Geneology and get hired out to research people's family history. I will probably focus on Latin America since I speak conversational spanish. But.. my real job will come in 8 months when I am a full-time Mommy!!!
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How wonderful to get all these replies - hope other people that usually post will also talk about what they do. We are certainly a mixed group of people - all walks of life, different careers and all over the country - with one common love: Cats!
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Rene; I agree, how interesting it is to hear about everyone's jobs. We are, indeed, a diverse but talented and intelligent group of cat lovers. Kinda blows a hole in the theory that cat fanciers are senile old women in big houses with too much time on their hands. Wait a minute, I just described myself. . . . .
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Hello everyone,
I am a Residential Program Instructor I work with Mentally/Physical challenged adults. Some that are medical invovled and others that are severely handicapped. This work is rewarding to me. I have been in this field over 20 years. Through the people I care for, I have learned patience, compassion, and understanding... I guess thats why I can handle and enjoy my kitty, Nomar's "Adventures".
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Good topic! Im an EMT and run 911 as well as work in a psychiatric hospital. I am an avid member of Siberian Husky rescue although I no longer live with my Siberians.
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I am a Youth Services Director (full-time) and per diem as a RN in the Clinical Skills Center at a Medical School in Ohio..I have been a RN for 11 years..And a Librarian for 3 years..
DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe, and Baby
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we have a lot of new members, so I thought it would be nice to hear what some of them do when they aren't on TCS :laughing:
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I wear many hats. I rescue abused and unwanted animals, I work in our home business, my husband is a custom knifemaker and I do scrim-shaw art and I write in the hopes of one day having a book published.
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I am a full time mom. I take care of the house, my daughter and my fur babies. My husband works 2 full time jobs. One is at a bank as a computer operator and the other is at a bowling ally as a program director.
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I am currently a substite teacher. I was a day care provider while my girls were young and enjoyed it. A few years ago I became friends with a teacher from my girls' school(her son was one of my little charges at the time) and she talked me into substituting...substitutes are always in short supply around here. I was reluctant at first but am so glad I did it!! It's challenging and a lot of fun(even on the days I have a "bad" class) and I still get to work with children. It's a great feeling when the students see you and give you a hug and are happy that you are going to be their teacher for the day. It's also nice having the summer off.
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Well, I am 23 year old receptionist - I hate it. I majored in Management at the University of Houston and graduated last December with a Bachelor of Business Administration. I had the worst trouble finding a job after graduation and decided to settle on a receptionist position I was offered. I have nothing against receptionist (I just don't like being one) because they put up with a lot of garbage and that is why all receptionists should be given some kind of national award!
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I work at our local Dept of Social Services as a Sr. Caseworker in Adult Protective - I also do on-call for child protective on weekends and some weeknights. I have done this job for 18yrs now and think I have seen it all then something comes along that astounds me further!
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I am a stay at home mom to two preschoolers, Amy (almost 5) and Adam (2 and a half). That's pretty much what I do, all day long, every day of my life. But I love it and consider myself very lucky that my husband supports me in this. I have no plans to return to the working world after the kids go to school, although I may start my own pet sitting business and do that part time.

Before I quit my job almost 3 years ago, I was an instructional designer/project manager at a consulting firm in Fort Worth.
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