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i need some advice on kittens with wheelchairs?

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well, my next door neighbour wants to adopt one of the kittens their nearly 13 weeks old now so are ready to leave. but his in a wheelchair, i dont have a problem with this, but what i want to know is how will the kitten react? i take it she will get used to it, but i worry incase she falls asleep under it and he moves and catches her?
i know im probley being silly, but shes still a baby and i always over worry about these things.
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I had 2 brothers in wheelchairs and never a problem. They learn fast not to hand around the wheels and they can prob tell before the chair moves that its gonna. They died from a form of md. But the cats were so good with them. Blane had a problem with his feet being cold and they always seems to like to lay at his feet it helped keep them warm. Wow if this didnt bring up some feelings.
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I don't think there will be any problem at all!
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Yea i figured that, i just wanted others advice lol, my DH aunt is in a wheel chair and she had a cat for many years without any problems, i just get real worried. And besides i will get constant updates as his right next door lol. Thanks everyone.
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I would bet that whatever kitty is fortunate enough to own this man will be much loved and spoiled so I wouldn't worry much about it.
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phew, what a relief. i thought this thread was going to be about a kitty in a wheelchair. that would have been so sad.

but i think its great that ur neighbor wants your baby to give it a good home!!! go 4 it!
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I used a wheelchair when I got Jaffa and his brother at 8 weeks of age. They had no problems at all - to them it was normal. If the kittens are 13 weeks old and haven't met anyone using a wheelchair they may be a bit tentative at first but they will get used to it.
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thanks , his taking her tomorrow afternoon, she will be very missed, a lot by her mum i think , fluffy will come over and call her kitten still to be cleaned and suckle even though she has dried up, and she dosnt stop calling untill all 4 kittens are with her, so gonna have a few loud moans from her i think.
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I think things will go well - just be sure to move slow around the kitten till they are used to things.

And maybe train the kitten to jump up in the lap on command (with a bribe of food)
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We've adopted out to quite a few disabled people- and have had nothing but success No problem at all with anyone adopting kitties when they were in wheelchairs- the animals learn quickly to stay away from the wheels He just just be extra cautious in the beginning when he wheels around to watch out for them Is he able to put the litter pan on a small table/etc so that it will be easier for him to scoop litter pans?
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i do know he has a lot of family who comes over daily , and he has home assistance throughout most of the day, so i dont have any concerns about the litter,feeding and watering, it was mainly just the wheels i was a bit worried about , but like everyone has said they learn to stay away from the wheels when moving.
im hopping with her being an only cat she will start to come up to him more as at the moment she is the only one out of her litter that needs that little bit of extra coxing to come up to you, shes not a cuddly cat, only when it suits her. but he knows if it dosnt work out shes to come back to me at anytime.
also iv been having a bit of trouble finding a home for her , black cats are often overlooked here ( i have 4 now) i love full black cats but not a lot of people do, but he seems really happy with her. so fingers crossed it all works out for them both.
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Aw, the kitten will learn although mine have yet to learn to not sprawl out on the kitchen floor when meowmy's burning the food! One of these days...

She'll 'develop a sixth sense' to when he's going to move his wheels after some time. My goodness, he's going to 'love it' when she tries to jump on his lap but instead crawl up his legs like a mountain climber with her claws. Or just fall back down unsuccessfully. Mine did all the time when they were still clumsy, no wait, they still are.
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Aww, I bet the kitty will be just fine.

At first when I read the title, I thought it meant you had a kitty in a wheelchair....

I bet the guy will be very good to the kitty.
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I think it would be a great situation for your little kitty. Being in a wheelchair he probably doesn't get out as much as someone without a handicap, so a kitty would be the perfect thing to keep him company. Plus being right next door you'll be able to check up on your little one whenever you want. I don't think the wheelchair is much of a problem. They move slowly, so a kitty would have plenty of time to get out of the way.
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Great to hear he's adopting her!! That's great she'll stay so close to you as well

Keep us updated on her progress!
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well she went with her new owner about 1/2 hour ago, his mum and sister came with him to pick her up and by the looks and sounds of things she is going to be a spoilt kitty lol.
she was very scared when i brought her out but i told them she will come around withen the next few days.
so hopefully things will go well for them, i had my daughter in tears like always when we rehome any of our fosters or ones we have brought in. but shes ok now.
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