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Cloth chewing?

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Hi guys. One of our two 7-month-old Maine Coons, Bruce, has started chewing at the throw that covers the futon in our study (where I work from home). I am getting a bit concerned that he will turn into one of those cats that eats wool!

So far he is just sucking and chewing, and not actually breaking the fabric (it is quite a loose weave throw, too light in weight to be actual wool). Both Bruce and Sheila do like the throw - they knead it during sleepy contented phases, and sleep on it happily.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get Bruce out of this habit, or reassurance that it may not lead to cloth eating?


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Sounds like he does that for comfort. One of my cats suckles blankets and I have one that suckles my neck. I don't think he will ever chew the throw.
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Since he's only doing it on the one article, I really don't think it's pica. I agree with kitytize: I think it's a comfort thing and if that's what it is, he should grow out of it. I don't see any need to discourage it so long as it's confined and he's not actually eating the material. Just keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't fray it enough where he could start swallowing the fibers.
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Great, that's really put my mind at rest! Both kittens do love the throw - kneading it, rolling round on it and sleeping curled up in it. Hopefully it's nothing more than that.

Thanks for the reassuring advice!

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You're welcome!!
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Radar is a chewer, but he's very rarely actually swallowed or eaten anything that he's chewed. Really though he chews everything he can get his mouth around, I am convinced it is practice for when we get new dry food so that he can chomp through the bag easily. Anything is fair game. I think if yours only chews the blanket you have gotten off quite lightly It's unlikely that he'll start eating it, it sounds more like a comfort thing.
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