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UTI Continues...

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Poor Lola, after two weeks on Zeniquin her UTI persists. I took her back this morning and they did a cystocentesis. She still has 4+ cocci in her urine. Now she's on Clavimox drops. She's not impressed with the drops, I can assure you! At least the Zeniquin was once a day (and a pill, which is MUCH easier!) This every 12 hours thing isn't going to be easy with my work schedule. Can we have some vibes that the Clavimox works this time? I feel so bad for my little girl!
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Aww, poor baby. I hope it works! When Chase had his first UTI, it took about a month for us to clear it up, but it did go away just fine once we found the right medicine!
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Healing and feel better vibes for Lola on the way. I hope the Clavamox drops clear up the UTI. I know how you feel trying to administer the drops.
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It's much easier for me to give my cat liquid. Trying to give her a pill is a nightmare! She is even wise to me if I crush it up in her food.

Mitties had a UTI a few weeks ago and Claxamox cleared it up nicely, but it doesn't seem to work for all cats. Just make sure not to miss a dose and finish all the medicine.

Good luck!
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My kitty is just getting over a UTI *fingers crossed*. He has stopped peeing urine tinged blood anyway. He will have another UA Saturday and has been on Baytril since Aug 6th. His last dose is tonight.

Baytril seems to be working. It's a pill, but crumbles easily. Atticus won't eat it crushed up in his food. He KNOWS it's there. Hehe. Luckily the pill is small in halves and non-bitter so I can get it down him. However, recently I could not get Methacarbamol into him, as the pills were HUGE and bitter.

Atti has been on Clavamox before, but tends to puke it up. So we cannot give him that so much now. I have had better luck with the Baytrill pills.

If Atticus's UA shows his pH still up at 8 and increased WBC count, he may have to have another round.

Hope your baby gets better soon.

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Wow....she's a quick study! Three doses and she runs for the basement when I open the refrigerator. This is going to be a l-o-n-g two weeks!!!
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Could you try the Clavamox pills? Since I discovered Pill Pockets getting the pills down is much easier than the drops. Sorry if this has been tried and failed. I know this infection has been going on for a while.

I wish I had some good advice for getting the drops down poor Lola. More good medicating vibes and hugs to all.
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Unfortunately, Lola is only 7 pounds, so even the lowest dose of pills is far too high of a dose for her. Nope, we're stuck with the liquid. I'm sure we'll get through this....it just isn't going to be pleasant (for either of us!)

Thanks for the vibes though...she still cuddles with me, so she doesn't really hold it against me too much!
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