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Kitty vomiting - hairballs?

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We adopted a lovely black cat from our local humane society back a few months ago and she's a lovely cat, very friendly and personable. We had friends over for a couple of days recently and they have two kids and kitty was shedding like crazy.

In the last 3 - 4 days she's vomiting hair (that's the easy one to figure out, clear liquid with short strands of black hair) but also every morning when she comes up to our room she vomits a small amont of yellowy-mustard colored liquid right where we watch TV next to our main bedroom. She will go all night without an incident then as soon as she comes up in the morning she chooses *that* place and *that* moment to leave us a little reminder.

She has done this 3 - 4 times now, once every day.

Other than this she is very energetic, is eating well, and is healthy. She went to the vet back a month or so ago and had a fecal which came back negative so no worms.

Anyone got any ideas why she is acting like this? I was thinking of trying some hairball remedy. Can stress really provoke such a strong hairball response? And do cats really have such delicate stomachs?

Thanks for any and all help.

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I've seen dogs vomit yellow liquid in the morning when their stomachs are empty. Dog owners call it "empty tummy syndrome" and the cure is to feed them an extra snack late at night. Do you free feed, or give your cat meals at certain times? It might help to feed her a snack at bedtime or leave some dry food out overnight, if you don't already.

And yes, cats do have very sensitive stomachs. They vomit very easily.
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