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So Mitties had to stay at the vets Monday night and most of Tuesday, but at least she's home now. The vet did x-rays, palpated her abdomen to help move the poop out, and gave her yet another enema. She did go, and kept going and going and going. The vet said her colon was having trouble pushing the poop towards the "exit." It would just sit in there. And she was surprised to find the most of the poop wasn't rock hard as expected in megacolon cases - it was "sticky."

I am to feed her even less in order to get the weight down. Currently I was feeding 1/2 a 5.5 oz. can in the morning, and the other 1/2 at night. She wants me to cut her back to 1/4 in the morning, and 1/4 at night (1/2 can total all day!). She assured me the Mitties wouldn't starve. I'm still to add a bit of fiber to her food, and she is to have 3 cc's of Lactulose 2 times per day, as well as a strip of hairball gel daily to keep things slick in there.

I'm just glad to have her home. It was a rough night without her to talk to and keep my feet warm! Plus, I keep having visions of it happening again in 3-4 weeks. My husband and I just can't go through that heartbreaking scenario again, and I sure don't want to keep subjecting poor Mitties to the "evil vet." If I do everything to a T, give her her medicine on time and as scheduled, not miss a beat on her combing and massaging her belly, even after all this and it still comes back, I may have a very difficult decision to make. I told myself I wouldn't put her through surgery. Time will tell. I guess I'm just being paranoid. But for now, I'm enjoying every minute I have with my precious baby girl.