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I played with kitties

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In my parents neighborhood there is some sort of cat population. No one knows if they belong to anyone (actually one woman is claiming their hers, but I think that's just to avoid Animal control).

Well back in June one of the cats had 4-5 kittens. I've only seen them through pictures....until last night. Right as I was leaving my Dad came and got me. we went back opened the patio screen and 4 little munchkins and their mom were on the deck They were so cute!

One of the kittens took a liking to me right away. All I did was lay my hand out on the deck and waited. One of the kittens came over to investigate my hand. She sniffed it, batted at it, then when she went to bite it I moved it

Her and I would get into these batting playful fights too. That kitten was so cute Very sharp nails though.

Two others finally started to play-fight with each other and eventually the rest joined them out in the grass. So I left. B wasn't too excited when I told him the story, but I knew I just had to share with you guys!
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Thanks for sharing!!

Can ya get some pics of the 'lil munchkins??
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Here's the slideshow :


If it doesn't work, let me know. Yahoo just made me upgrade since they're shutting down
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oh my gosh they are darling
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