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Is it normal for a cat...

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Hi there,

I have a Maine Coon Cats that is about four years old. Every time he goes to the bathroom, just before he goes, he starts talks and churping around the house. He doesn't seem to be in pain, but he seems to like to announce it. Is he OK?

Thanks for your help,

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If it's a new behaviour I would get it checked out, if not then I guess that's just what your kitty does
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Keep in mind, a cat can look healthy and have a urinary tract infection. I found this out the hard way after months of trying to correct what I thought was a behavior problem.

"Have you taken her to a vet for a check-up?" asks a friend.

"Oh, come on. I can tell the cat's healthy," I reply. "And I should know. I mean, I have ABSOLUTELY NO veterinary training. Of course it's behavioral."

Finally brought in a urine sample and the vet called up like he'd struck gold. You could almost hear the glee in his voice (because I had told him something like, "I don't think she's got an infection, but my friend keeps insisting it's possible."): "Your cat has three kinds of crystals and an infection. You'll need to keep her on two types of pills for the next two weeks. Stop by and my assistant will give you the necessary pills."

Now, anytime my cat does anything bizarre that isn't in her usual retinue of bizarrity, off we go to the vet.
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I agree if it's new it needs to be checked out, but if your kitty has always done this it's probably just the way he is. My Jordan digs very agressivly in the box when he has to have a BM & when Isaac is done with a BM he runs around the house like a mainiac.
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