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Daily Thread HUMP DAY August 15th!

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Well good morning cat peeps!

Finally its the middle of the know what that means.....

Friday is coming FRIDAY is coming!! I can't wait!!!

Nothing much going on today for and then gym...

I hope you all have a good one
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Ive been feeling like trash, last night i went t0 bed at nine pm g0t up at 8:30 this m0rning went t0 w0rk, my student felt sick and had peri0d pain s0 did I s0 i called it 0ff and went h0me! went back t0 bed at 11:30 and its n0w nearly 1:30 pm and i just g0t up!
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Up early - couldn't sleep. It's supposed to be up about 100 today and I have to go to the store.
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Happy cat day people.
Not sure how it is where you are, but here in Japan today is cat day.
Don't know what happens, just seems like another day. But it's noticed on the calendar as cat day.
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Good Morning!

Going to be very busy for next 2 days. After work my friend & I are going to have dinner.

Stay cool everyone.
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Hey all.

Having sick kids sucks! I am so tired. Kev was up crying 3 or 4 times last night and Derek was really restless. I didn't get much sleep and I am now working my way through an Xlarge tea.

It is a lovely morning, crisp and cool, but it will be getting warmer later.

Hope everyone has a good day. Hope I wake up a little more.
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Good morning!

nothing special planned for today. Hopefully work will be more simple than yesterday... I was bored most of the day, and then between 4:30 and 5pm I had people calling non-stop for orders.... including one that called at 4:45pm and needed his order NOW. I had already started to close my day, so I had to do his invoice and close the day all over again.
I swear, crazy people always call on Tuesday.

So now I guess I'm safe for the day.

Tonight I need to clean my apartment some more. It seems that I'm ALWAYS cleaning and it always keeps getting dirty. Why don't the cats do a bit of cleaning while I'm at work? What else do they do all day?
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Awww Adrienne, I hope your boys feel better soon
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Stomach sick. Want to sleep. Dad been an *rseh*le, he's lucky he's in one piece. Just want to curl up with a hot water bottle and my kitty
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Wow everyone sounds sick! Hope you all feel better after today!

I don't have a lot of excitement today. Just some work to do and that's it. Maybe a little nap later one. I wish...
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Good morning!

Ugh I actually slept too long last night... so now I'm drowning myself in extra strength coffee

I scored myself some side work, so I have to get through that this morning. Then I get to change the litter before the garbage men come and then maybe paint a little. I still have to finish the trim work and then start sanding down my dining set... not sure if I'm going to paint it or stain it... eh I'll figure it out. But it all looks good... my house is now officially very colorful Now, I just need to decide where I'm going to paint murals... hmm...

Anyway... hope everyone has a good day and work isn't too nutty for ya!
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Sunny and warm here today.

Weve just rescued a young cat about 6 months old from the flats opposite where i work.

The woman put her outside because she had a baby!!

I really wish we had a smilie that slapped someones face, because i'vce got no time for people like this

Anyway, she's went straight to a friend of mine who's a vet nurse and her surgery is just up from where i work, and she said she has 2 people on the list who want a young cat.

She's gorgeous as well, and so loving
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Susan, that cat was lucky you rescued her! Hope her new owners aren't so ignorant.

Just another day for me, getting through the week.... blah blah blah.
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Nothing Big going on today. Just a Gloomy day out, lazy day, so I gave the kids milk & donut holes for Breakfast *easy, peasy* & I am just having myself a nice cup of coffee while they have their breakfast on their little pop up picnic table in the playroom watching Dragontails LOL .... Like I said... LAZY Morning...

& *I* am still on a HIGH from last night we met with our Realtor who came over last night to discuss with us our HOUSE HUNT & the selling of our townhouse , so send me vibes on that, that we find a House that suits our needs SOON! (our DREAM home... 4 bedrooms upstairs, Master Bedroom, Down Stairs THAT will come in handy come the teen years )
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not much going on here today either.. i just woke up about 20 min ago . i have to be at work by 12 and get to stay there till 9 tonight. yeah me
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Got up early today (5:45 pm) , read the WSJ with my coffee took my allergy drugs and headed out to one of my clients.

Saw a woodchuck (groundhog) hanging around their boat docks and I think I found its "hole" under their boathouse. THey weren't home when I left so I called them with the info.

Found a hugh landscape auction going on next Sat but I need a letter of credit from the bank or cash-gonna have to chat with my personal banker!!
A few items that I could use though.....

Overcast and the cold front should be pushing through (please RAIN!!) later today-its only 71F right now.

The governer of WI is asking for federal diaster relief for central and northern Wisconsin due to drought conditions. This should help the farmers tremendously if it occurs.

Nothing else going on-working in my yard later today though.

Have a good one!!
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