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How do you leave them???

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My 18 year old girls (twins) and I are going to leave town for a few days. This will be the first time Javie has been alone without us in his whole 11 month life. My 22 year old son will be here - but it's just not the same. He doesn't cuddle with him like we do or give him much attention. Javie has his routines. When he wants to cuddle, he will meow really loud and give one of us intense eye contact - like he is saying, I want to cuddle right now! Then he will jump up on the bed or couch and rub his little face against ours, press cheek to cheek, nose to nose, purring like crazy, kneading, until he falls asleep. We know exactly what his different looks mean, and what he wants most of the time. (I sound like a servant.)

He is going to be so sad and confused with us gone. I'm going to worry about him our whole vacation. And we're only going for two nights. How have other people dealt with going on vacation and leaving their beloved kitties? Especially people who only have one animal without anyone to keep them company. I have a week long vacation coming up in the next year.
Thanks, Mimi
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I have my mother come over and take care of them. I also leave the tv on Animal planet. Really they surprise you on how much they can cope with you being gone. Kota will normally want extra cuddles when I get back, but Puff is like yeah your back whatever...just feed me already...... lol
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I know how you feel. My cat has not spent one night alone since we got him a year ago. Even when we go out of town for the weekend he goes to my parents to stay. He gets tons of attention there.

In the fall I am going away for the weekend and he will be home with my husband. Kitty and my husband haven't really bonded (DH doesn't pay attention to him). At least I know that the cat won't be alone (technically), will be fed and most importantly safe.

Next year I want to take a trip with my parents so I hope my niece or nephew will come stay with my cat. I just don't know how I'd leave him home alone for a whole week.
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You should write instructions for your kitty's care, keeping in mind his basic routine so he will feel secure in getting his food, play, and other basic items at the regular times when you normally give them.

Just giving your kitty enough of his normal structure will keep him calm. It will not be the same as with you and your daughters there, but that is why you all are so special together.

I usually tell my cat sitter what special things my kitties like, so that when she does play sessions or talks to them, she can use things that they are familiar with.

The more specific you can be about their routine, their likes and dislikes, the easier it will be for them when another person is looking out for them.

And between now and when you take a long vacation, you might want to research for good home cat sitters in the event no one from your home will be around to help your kitties. It is nice having a qualified cat sitter because a good one will really know cats and knows how to approach them and care for them, also to spot trouble signs.
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Thank you for your understanding and advice! I am going to leave a 3 page document telling my son and my boyfriend (who will stay here too) all about Javie and how to take care of him. My son is so casual about everything, he thinks we are way too overprotective and neurotic about a cat. But he also knows that if anything happens to Javie when we're gone, he will be in HUGE, HUGE trouble. So hopefully WE mean enough to him that he will look out for our baby!
Thanks again
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We have not ever left our cats for a night either (well, I have, but Hubby was always here and spoils those cats terribley, so no worries)
He says that MY cat crawled inthe laundry and laid the dirty clothes the first time I had to leave for a few he took something out of mine to let him lay on it while I was gone, and he said he seemed more we leave him something I`ve just worn now everytime I have to leave. (I`ve had this one sicne he was no more than 6 weeks I am his "mommy"...and it`s sort of nice to know I`m missed!)
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That's a good idea. I have a fleece sweatshirt that he likes to knead and sleep on. I'll put it on my bed while I'm gone. It is nice to know you're missed, isn't it?
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I can't believe I just noticed this post! I am battling leaving Maia for 6 days, she is almost 1 1/2 years old now, but extremely shy! I am basically the only one who can hold or even touch her, yet she lets me do almost anything to her, blow flerverts on her stomach even! I have such anxieties about leaving her for a week, I wonder if it is more about me being without her then her being without me!
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I hate leaving Tigger. Our neighbors used to take care of her and our birds when we were out of town, but now my partner's niece comes to stay at our house. It works out well, 'cause she LOVES cats. Still, Tigger still gets mad at me when I return. She meows constantly at me when I get back from a trip, and she is normally very quiet....
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I used to own my own pet sitting business and found that most all of the cats did very well. None of them were freaked out and no owners reported any problems when they returned. I got to know many of the cats very well (a few I would have taken home in a heartbeat) and we became very close.

My boyfriend, who had never left his two cats alone, was in the hospital for 10 days last year after cancer surgery, and his cats did fine. A friend of his came in every day and I spent about an hour or two every night. He left the tv and radio on for them and put his lights in a timer.

Getting the right person to come in daily and really spend some "quality" time makes all the difference.
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Do you think that a cat sitter who comes in for an hour a day is enough time? Javie is so spoiled in the sense that someone in my family is almost always home with him to do his bidding.

I think when I leave for a week next year, I am going to try to find a housesitter who really loves cats with lots and lots of references. I wonder if that is a possibility for everyone who is worried about leaving. Maybe a college student? I think if we had two cats, I wouldn't worry so much. (Except that when we did have two, Javie beat the other one up so much that I would worry about her survival without me being here to referee.) It's always something!
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I know how you feel! Since we got the cats 2 1/2 years ago, DH and I haven't taken a vacation together. I was just gone for 2 weeks visiting my parents, and he stayed home with the cats. When our niece graduated a year ago, he went up by himself for it. I don't have family nearby, and just don't trust anyone (friend or pet sitter) to have the same level of concern that we have for out cats well being, and I also don't like the thought of them being alone except for maybe 1 hour a day when someone visits. (I guess maybe we're extreme, or worry too much, or something )
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I really believe it depends on the individual cat(s). One Abyssisian would let me carry him around forever, while other cats were only interested in getting fed and didn't care for much interaction.
One cat was always getting stuck behind a heavy corner desk and I'd have to move it out of the way until I finally just closed the door to that room., which is why it's important to have someone go in every day.

It's hard to predict how anyone's cat will react, but from my experience, they probably will handle it okay.

I still cat sit occasionally and haven't encountered any cat that went bonkers because they were left alone.
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