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Organics :by nature

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Has anyone ever heard of or used "Organics by Nature" food products for their cats?
I've been wanting to try something different and more natural for them. I have them on the Chicken formula dry food....just started. The company boasts of no preservatives or byproducts. Any advice would be a huge help. Thanx.
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the dry is too grainy for my taste ...

the canned is GREAT

the pouches are MADE IN CHINA

Hope that helps
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by nature is a brand that belongs to the Blue Seal family of pet foods (a New England company).

I've heard great things of the organic canned, and have been very pleased with their "naturals" pouches, which yes, are packaged in China in a facility that is for humans and well inspected/regulated.

I don't want to start a debate, but I am not yet of the opinion that everything packaged in China should be avoided.
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I just bought a couple cans of it for my now toothless cat and he absolutely loves it. And if Sharky and Pat&Alix approve it, then I'll go along with their assessments!
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