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Food Experts -- what would you do?

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Teddy, my ragdoll kitten is turning 1 year old next week and he seems to be getting bored with the dry food I'm feeding him so I am thinking of changing his food and wanted to get all the experts' advice here first.

He is currently eating Innova wet food mixed with Natural Balance dry twice a day. I do not free feed because he has a problem with eating really fast and then vomiting it up hours later. Lately, I have noticed that he is leaving some dry food in the bowl.

Just to give a little history, he has been eating these two foods for about 3 months and before that he ate Merrick's wet (poultry flavors) and before that, he ate Chicken Soup kitten wet. He also used to eat a little bit of Science Diet i/d (my other cat was free fed this food but she passed away a few months ago.) Each time I switched foods because he would start to eat less and less of what I was feeding. On the wet foods, he actually would eat a little and then turn around and make a burying motion and walk away from it. This whole food saga is getting tiresome and I just want to give him a food works well for him so that he is healthy, has a nice soft coat and less stinky poos.

What would you all recommend? I am looking to stay around the same price range but will consider spending a little more if there is something that will make a significant difference.
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Is an all wet diet feasible??? I would suggest that ...
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I too would consider just feeding wet. Odo gets a rotation that includes three Natural Balance flavors, Innova regular, and three Evanger's flavors. That way, he doesn't get bored. He occasionally gets a dry food snack just before bed when I feel like sleeping through the night--I think he thinks it's candy or dessert.
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I can try all wet again but it seemed like he would get bored of it after a couple of weeks...even when I was rotating 3 Merrick flavors.

What are some good brands to include in the rotation and how many? Is it okay to rotate different wet food brands without mixing? I think he has somewhat of a sensitive tummy and I don't want him to get loose stools again.

Also, I had been trying to feed him kitten or all life stage foods because he is young and since he's is a ragdoll. I've read that they can take 2-4 years to fully mature so should he stay on a kitten food or can he start eating adult foods when he is 1?
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Odo doesn't have a problem when I give him the brands mentioned above--he gets a different one each day. He sometimes has a sensitive stomach that I've been having trouble pinning down, but he seems to throw up when he has a hairball or when the food is too cold. I mix hot water into the second half of the can, and he does just fine.
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Orijen makes a GREAT dry/ I'd use that right along with wet Innoa EVO
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