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My new little monster ACE

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This little guy happened to find me. Working at an emergency vet office we do get a lot of stray kittens that people find and drop off. I have said no to fostering any only because I knew i would become way to attached and would not be able to adopt them out. It also does not help that my roommate is not an animal lover and told me that Kricket was the only cat that could come with me when i moved. (yes it drives me INSANE ) So this little guy came in sunday night and hes the most precious little thing i've ever seen. Within minutes he was sitting in my hands licking me, rubbing against me, and purring up a storm. I fell in love instantly. I brought him home that night and tried my best keeping him from Kricket. Living in a small apartment it is kind of tough to keep them seperated. Kricket isnt to fond of him just yet i'm hoping with the help of Feliway and Bach remedies it'll help her be less stressed and more open to him. Hes 5 weeks old and slightly underweight so i'm feeding him wet food mixed with some KMR to help put on a little bit of weight. Heres the pics i have so far....Introducing ACE!

hanging out on dads shoulder. I've been waiting a few years to get a Tux male and look who he loves more....

just hanging out on the back of the couch kinda tired
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He is so cute
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*AWE!* He is SO Cute!
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OMG that is one super adorable kitten!
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thank you guys for looking at my sweet baby. I forgot what it was like to have a young kitten that needs that extra love(time) to make him big and strong. He has had me up early but its ok as long as he puts some weight on and gets BIG thats all that matters to me!
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Adorable!!! What a cutie pie!
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Oh my!! Where is the **cuteness alert**

He is sooo precious!!
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What a cutie-patootie!!!
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Oh he is just too adorable for his own good!
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Awww he is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I LOVE the first picture, he looks so kissable
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Awe he is just soo GORGEOUS
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ohhhhh. so sweet.
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1 word, ADORABLE!!!
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thank you everybody, hes a handful!!
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There should be a cuteness warning on that.
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heres an update on the little booger. After a few days the BF and i decided that Ace just does not fit this monster. SO taking a name my sister had suggested, ::drum roll please:: his new name is it just fits him so much better plus I have Kricket. I love reptiles and figured I would stay on the reptile food names for the cats. Well after getting him wormed and on a high fat kitten food mixed w/ KMR(he was definitely underweight) the little guy is out of control. I truely forgot what it was like to have a young cat again. Good news is Kricket is getting better with him. She tries to play with him but still likes to have her own personal bubble. No more growling though which is awesome. He is so fresh to, he runs up to her bats her in the face and tries to bite her. And talk about being able to clear a room w/his stinky butt....WOW!

i'll keep everybody updated and add some more pics once i get them uploaded.
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ok here are a few pics that i just uploaded.


haha Worm I stole the spotlight!

this is how he passed out after playing with his mouse.

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Kricket has a new brother and Worm has a loving forever home.

Thank you for bringing this adorable boy into your life.
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He's adorable. Did you name him after Ace Frehley?
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