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My sister and her pets!! GGRR!! Long rant alert!

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My sister whom I love dearly is so clueless when it comes to her dogs. They adopted both in Arizona 2 years ago as puppies. They lived there for awhile, always had the dogs crated together () and they were crated for long periods at a time. So then they moved back her to Ohio and lived with my mom and dad. Again the dogs were crated together all day long while my sister and brother and law went to work. We were told to just leave them be, they are fine, don't let them out, even though my mom was home all day long....

So now the one dog has become aggressive towards to other. I mean, attacking him. BTW they are both speutered. So they go on to this dog forum that I am a member of and ask what to do. They are given loads of wonderful advice, my sister insults probably everyone on there and is just rude to them and they all stop helping her. She is looking for one person to say 'this is what you need to do and it will work' when obviously she was given a load of different ideas and approaches and she needed to take the time to figure out what is the best. They wanted to use shock collars and muzzles and things like that. This is sister and brother in law who installed an electric fence and turned the dogs loose in the yard with the collars on high to figure it out for themselves

Anyways, they decided one day that this poor dog is going to go to the pound because she doesn't behave (when they did nothing to try to correct it) I have it all set up with the dog warden (thank god I know her) that is this dog comes in she is to call me to come and get her.

In the meantime my sister calls the shelter they adopted the dog from in Arizona and they want her to either find a rescue (not a new home) that will take her or to ship her back to them. This dog is very submissive, where she crawls and flops over when anyone approaches her. I am here trying to convince her to turn the dog over to me, I will even talk to the shelter if they really want me to since I rescue all the time and I even have a name picked out that I am calling it (I will post about that in another thread). But no, she is so worried about being sued if the dog attacks someone. I am trying to explain to her that dog aggression and people aggression are two totally different things. She claims that the dog MIGHT be people aggressive because one time the neighbor said she growled at her through the fence when the lady had her dog with her. Um, my sisters dog was probably just growling at the strange dog, not the lady but the lady took it as directed towards her!!

RRGG I just don't know what to do. This dog also lunges after the cat they have. But she has never hurt the cat, just seems to want to play but they never bothered to really figure it out, just assumed the worst. I mentioned that if I lived in a house I would take this dog in a second because I love her and I know how to work with dogs a little bit and how to get help for her issues. All she said was that she wouldn't give me the dog at all because I have cats! She is like dead set against this dog going into a home and just wants her to go into a shelter, doesn't want me to help at all either. It doesn't make any sense!

I told her she needs to surrender the dog to me, I will have her sign a surrender form that I am now the legal owner of the dog. I will take her to the vet to make sure she is healthy (I suspect she is, they do keep their dogs healthy and well fed and vaccinated and everything). Then I will find her home. Let the people know that she became aggressive towards the dog she was crated with for 2 years straight. But I wouldn't banish her from ever living with another animal. She makes it sound like this dog attacked everyone that looked at her.

I am just so frusterated that my sister is an idiot. That she won't let me help even though this is WHAT I DO!
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I don't have any advice but it sounds like your sister shouldn't have animals if she doesn't want to take the time to work with them. I hope that didn't sound to harsh.
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Ohhhhhh man what a difficult situation!!!! There sounds like there's some underlying reason apart from her being an idiot that's stopping her surrendering the dog to you? Maybe she doesn't want you to take the dog and do what's needed to correct her behaviour, because then she'll feel like a failure?

Maybe you need to talk to her about why she won't let you take the dog, and say the fact that you have cats is not a good enough reason?
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No matter what you do, you're in trouble. It's hard when it's family.

My suggestion is to remind her that many shelters will kill the dog. That if you take her, she is no longer legally responsible. Talk her up, make sure you say something like "I know how hard you've tried to work with the dog", etc. Just anything to get the dog away from her!
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I am definately working on it. I know it is more her husband influencing her behavior and decisions and even her attitude. I can't even talk to her like I used to be able to because she is so...weird? to talk to. She is way too quick to make up her mind and decide that it is final and not open to any other suggestions or ideas.
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I can't even begin to tell you how much it bothers me when people crate their animals for long periods of time. If you're going to stick your pets in a cage, you shouldn't have them at all.

My aunt does this to her dog. I had to dog-sit once when she was in the hospital, and the dog was so used to being in the crate when she wasn't there, she wouldn't come out for almost a week. It was so hard.

I agree that it'll be really hard since it's family you're dealing with, but I also agree that you need to talk to your sister and compliment her actions as much as possible, because it does seem like she doesn't want you to have the dog for pride reasons.
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Yes because she knows that as soon as I take her, the dog will be happy and friendly towards other animals in no time. I am being optimistic of course. But I don't plan on getting any other dogs. Even if I were rehome her, I can sure do it better then they are.

Of course I compliment her a lot. I DO happen to have people skills. She is quick to blame her husband. He also has a cousin who is a vet and has given some awful advice which of course they take over mine because she is a vet. Like for example, Iams is the BEST food there is because that is what Julie is selling at her clinic and says its the best...

Anyways, I am not going to let anything happen to this dog. I am even thinking of encouraging her to take the dog to the pound because then I know I can help her heh. But then again, I don't want her to think that is the right thing to do. If I can convince her that letting me deal with the dog is the bet option, but her husband doesn't agree, I will definately tell ehr to take the dog to the pound and I will go right afterwards and pick the dog up.

Here she is BTW if anyone is interested. Isn't she a cutie!!
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Oh man she is cute! I really really hope you can get her.
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She is cute////

Can you send your sister to the lb in the dogs place???
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
She is cute////

Can you send your sister to the lb in the dogs place???
Can I? Please? Or better yet, my brother in law?
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