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Furry kitchen help

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Who's cat loves to sit in the kitchen and get in the way while you're cooking?Popsie sure does, he always thinks I'm making something for him
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Tiger does that. He sprawls out on the floor and we don't have a big kitchen, mind you. I'm waiting for one of these days when my husband steps on his tail... He's been lucky so far!
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Kitters will sit there whining for her little piece of whatever I've got. Especially like lettuce or Tuna for sure!!!
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Originally Posted by SillyJilly View Post
Kitters will sit there whining for her little piece of whatever I've got. Especially like lettuce or Tuna for sure!!!
Lettuce?! I've never heard of a cat liking lettuce!
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Charlie is the king of being in the way! lol Stand in the doorway, jump onto the bench, stretch up the side of the counter when opening/closing a drawer

He KNOWS the kitchen is where the cat food comes from
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Yes and I always worry about the burners.
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Oh yes, Stanley is a great sous chef! He doesn't get up on the counters, but he does follow my every fact, I stepped on him yesterday at least he did keep a safer distance after that.

Bella sits in the window sill about 4 feet away from the oven and watches for signs of cat food opening.
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My little baldies are always there, but they do know that mommy throws bits of food to them.
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I have one of those two tiered counters - like one side is regular counter height... then it goes up about 6"... and then a breakfast bar at bar height on the other side. (In case I didn't explain that well, it looks a little like this: )

The boys don't come onto the counter height part... not really a health thing, I just don't want to take off a bit of paw when I'm trying to chop an onion So they sit on the breakfast bar part and watch every move I make.

It's actually quite cute
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Snowball always comes running whenever I start cooking. And then he thinks he should be the first one to taste everything! LOL!
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Ox knows the sound of a can opener well so I use a manual one now instead!!
I try to tell him I'm not always opening food for him.
Bobber will graze on the counter not so much in the summer months though. She is really good at ripping packaging of bread and meat open and "test tasting".
Bakker was on the counter this morning licking the left over cobs of corn.
Grizzly is to chubby to jump that high thank goodness!!
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