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Would you call this stealing? Or would this be an acception?

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I went to this nasty guys apartment, who started with over 40 cats and I slowly vetted some and rehomed them, others went to a sanctuary. Anyways, I went there 2 weeks ago to pick up a gorgeous sweet but skin and bones and covered in fleas and earmites calico cat and her babies. I let the babies get adopted a little younger then I normally would because of the condition of the mother. She was exhausted as she has been constantly pregnant or nursing for about the past 9 months.

Anyways, as I was leaving the lady who lives there was like "hey wait I have something else for you to take" (I was thinking oh brother, what now?) But she calls upstairs (the stairs to the upstairs apartment are on the outside of the building) and this little puppy about 10 weeks old comes slowly down the stairs. She picks her up and hands her to me and tells me I have to take her. She said the people upstairs throw her outside alone all day when they are at work or whatever and they don't feed her. She was pretty thin, covered in fleas and the fact that she was loose outside all alone and no one was home upstairs, I took her.

Well I posted on a dog forum that I post on seeing if anyone was interested and I told this story and the couple responses I got accused me of stealing and doing something illegal. Nothing about the fact that she was being very much neglected, running loose, thin and not fed... I don't know. I am NOT giving her back regardless of what anyone else thinks. But I just wondered what you guys think... because I trust what you guys all say... I know the humane society wouldn't do a thing about it, they rarely do anything. So I didn't bother calling them.

What are your thoughts??
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I think there should be more people in the world like you.
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IMO you did nothing wrong, Stealing is better of a crime then letting an anmal suffer or getting one and not taking care of him/her. That poor pup will NEVER EVER forget what you did for him!!! GOOD JOB
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( Not that I think highly of those who steal)
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It's called "rescue" in my book, Jen.
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Oh hehe well thank you

I was just suprised that they were so against what I did. I mean, technically she was GIVEN to me, handed to me, you know? I was just suprised when they said I shouldn't be posting that and her picture on a public forum... these people barely have electricity, let alone a computer with internet connection.

Here is her picture by the way, she is a sweetheart so if anyone on here is looking to adopt, you know who to contact!!

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Bless you for taking that poor puppy!

I'm not above animal knapping to save a life! In fact I've done it when I've seen dogs or cats constantly neglected or tied up outside without shelter from the heat or cold.

That lady was concerned enough about the situation to let you know about it, so don't feel bad. The puppy was obviously in need of intervention.

Unfortunately the people who had that puppy will either not notice and if they do they probably won't care and unfortunately they will just go and get themselves another dog or cat

EDIT: Oh my gosh! Look at that sweet doggie face!!!!
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I agree you did the right thing from an animal love point of view, but if the owner didn't hand him over, actually it was stealing. I don't know if he wanted to press charges if he could get you or the lady that actually handed him over (you didn't know, at the time, the puppy belonged to someone else, right?). I doubt very much that the owner will care since he obviously didn't care for the poor baby to begin with, but people can be strange sometimes.

I really don't know who would be officially responisible here...I would think the lady that took her.
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Oh, I just saw her pics and she is a adorable!! My first post was just on a legal theme. I can see why you took the sweetie in! I'm just worried about the sue-happy people out there.
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I am really not looking to blame someone. They can come after me or call the police and I will just tell them that she was running loose with no ID, plus skinny and covered in fleas. Didn't look like anyone ownered her to me. The lady DID technically tell me that she belongs to the people upstairs. So techinally I DID steal her. The lady who actually handed her over is an outpatient for some drug rehab program and she is heavily on drugs when I went there. She either won't have any memory of it or she would lie and claim to know nothing about it to avoid having to deal with the police. I mean, these are like meth lab, drunken, jobless 40-somethings I am talking about... I am more worried about making sure I have my can of mace in my pocket then who is going to see me leave with a puppy.
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it sounds like u did a wonderful thing but its definitely stealing. just stealing with a good purpoise. ur like robin hood, but with dogs!!
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Stealing no RESCUING YES....
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Awww poor little puppy!! You didn't steal the puppy, the puppy was wandering out on its own and needed help - you rescued the poor little thing. Good on you!
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Oh Jen - she is gorgeous! What a sweet little face. But you can tell just from the pictures that she's been neglected, poor baby.
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You totally did the right thing. If those people couldn't take care of that sweet puppy they didn't deserve her in the first place.
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Hey, she was handed to you, who could say no?

I should be in jail right now if that is considered "stealing"!
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I agree that if in your situation, I would have done the same thing.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I should be in jail right now if that is considered "stealing"!
Yep, been there. It isn't stealing, it is rescuing. Even if it is legally stealing, no one with a brain would give this precious little one back to those people.

Good work!
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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
My, she's adorable looking! German Shepard mix perhaps? Or maybe not, her paws are a bit on the small side.
I personally think you did the right thing. If they ever think of taking you to court because of this (which is absolutely ridiculous to even think of but people are crazy sometimes), I think the judge and everyone in there would agree with you.
There needs to be more gutsy people like you.
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If you leave a sweet looking puppy outside of your residence, without ID, and not tethered to anything, IMHO someone is going to walk off with it...and that person would be rescuing it, not stealing.

Good luck finding her a good home.
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Whats the owner going to say anyway? "oh someone stole my half starved, flea riddled, neglected puppy, whilst it was outside and I was at work"

LOL yeah right
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Let me just get this out of the way first...

Oh my gosh! I LOOOOOOVE that little ball of fluff! Look at those ears!! Oh I just want to smooch on her Maybe I can convince DH to let me take on another dog... yeah I'll just tell him Boo needs another girlfriend... yeah thats it

Ahem.. ok now that I'm being an adult again

I wouldn't take any offense to what people on the dog site said. I've been on a few cat forums and a few dog forums. What I've found (in general, with a few exceptions of course) is that cat people on cat sites are very friendly and helpful... while dog people on dog sites tend to be very "no you're wrong... you have to do it my way." Sort of like that old expression "The only thing two dog trainers can agree on is what the third is doing wrong", ya know? This is why I've given up on dog forums and just gush about my dogs here

You know you did what was right. We know you did what was right. Don't let them ruin a good moment for you.
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I think your a sweet and wonderful person! It breaks your heart that not everyone treates their "kids" the way we do.
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IT'S CALLED RESCUE... The world needs to rescue more of these babies!!

Those people who say your stealing can't read very good!!
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The fact that she had no ID and was skin and bone and had fleas was neglect on the original owners part. IMO that is MUCH worse then picking up the poor dog to be rehomed into a loving family.

I dub you the Robin Hood of Animals.
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That is one adorable puppy! I'm glad she's safe and sound with you, Jen.

You rescued her from a jerk who didn't deserve to have her in the first place and that's what matters.
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You've saved her Jen!.

I've just done a similar thing this morning with a young cat about 6 months old.

Several weeks ago the cat and it's mother and sibling used to lie inside on the windowsill of the flat, and now all of a sudden one of them is crying on the doorstep nextdoor?.

I went over acting dumb asking if she knew who's cat it was, when all a long i knew it was hers, then she said she had to put it out because there was now a baby on the scene.

I asked her to surrender the cat and she was worried about getting into trouble which i said she wouldn't be, but as God is my witness, if she gets another animal she's being reported next time!!

The cat now has a loving home
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You did the right thing. That dog would have been in a bad spot had you not taken it.
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You did the right thing!! Definately not stealing!!!

BTW, that pup is absolutely precious!!
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OMG I would love to take that puppy! Gah if only I could!
And yes you did the right thing with out a doubt! Did they ever ask if you had seen a dog? Or just assume the dog ran away or got hit by a car or something like that?

We "liberated" on of our cats from our neighbor who already had one long haired cat that practically lived at my house that they didnt take care of, and then they showed up with a 6 week old long haired tortie and just left it outside in late october. She is now very healthy and very happy
And I'm sure your puppy is very very thankful!
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