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My niece's new kitten!

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My niece and her BF's cat Red disappeared over a week ago (he is my Francines's "brother") They have searched and called local shelters but he is yet to be found.

So she and her bf's SIL had been planning to get a ferret but when they went to get one they fell in love with this little guy and adopted him instead. They brought him over to show him off, his name is Anikin (sp? from star wars)

It only took him a couple of minutes to make himself at home, here he found my sisters bucket of KFC

Then onto a sample of my nephew's dinner

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Oh he's a handsome lil guy!!!
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Oh he is such a handsome little guy - and a little rascal too! What a combination - no wonder they fell in love with him.
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He is VERY cute!
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What a doll!!
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Just keep him away from any lightsabers!
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He's very hansom!
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There is only word that is appropriate, handsome!
He could be Twinkle's little brother!
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Very handsome little brown mctabby kitten - he's a charmer
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What an adorable boy! Also, I hope Red is found soon!

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