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Very impressive site

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Laurie and Christie. I stopped by just to tell you all how wonderful your new site is.
www.savesamoa.org is such a selfless gift to the internet.
I am proud of you both!
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Hi Debra! Good to see you popping by...where ya been hiding out at???

It is a great site isn't it? I went there recently and was impressed!! Thanks to Samoa a great new site was born!!
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Laurie should be very proud of the site. I was happy to see Goldie's story there. We've really missed you, Debra!
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Debra, that's so kind! Christy and I are a little behind the 8-ball - we don't even have our stories about Samoa up yet! But the link is there, and we're starting to get a nice collection of rescue stories. They're all cat rescues right now, but I'm sure other animals will turn up soon enough.

I AM proud to say we've received the Fighting for Ferals award from www.meowhoo.com, and we've ALSO received the The Golden Labor of Love award from www.thecatarena.com, thanks to wonderful people like all of you who are helping to spread the word!

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When I go to it, some of the text is on top of the rest, and some of it is completely obliterated. Parts of it look like someone took a pen and crossed it out. I am not trying to criticize, I just thought you might like to know. The parts I can read are great!
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One other person said they're having trouble seeing it, too, but the problem was the words are all written over each other.

I don't know what to say, other than everyone else but one seems to see it OK!

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I can see the text just fine, I used a Netscape browser..I cried when I read about Dunkin, I am so glad that you gave him a good home for the rest of his days Hissy.
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I totally agree, Kellye. It is IMPOSSIBLE to read that story without crying!!!!

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Laurie and Christy, the work you have done is amazing and my hat is off to both of you!!!! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! And Deb, it is so good to see you!
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Thanks guys for giving me another place to tell Dunkin's story. She was a marvelous cat. We miss her tons!
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