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Are They Littermates?

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Here are their pictures. Judge for yourself.


And a shot of Tiny's face:

And her close-up:
They're both tabbies, with the same coloring and undertones to their coats. They're the same age. They're in the same area. One is definitely my neighbor's cat, and one was mistaken (or not) for her sibling. They even have the same little white chins!

The differences between them: Baby's face is longer, her stripes are more continuous, and she's female (and thus more petite). Without those things, I couldn't tell them apart.

Do you think they could be littermates?

A little history.

Tiny was brought to me by the neighbor girls. They insisted that he was the same Tiny their mother had let out when she didn't want him anymore, but when I asked their mother, she said Tiny had gotten out and been lost, and that this cat was not Tiny because he was too young to be their Tiny.

Baby Girl is the neighbors' cat. She is often outside, without food or water, because she's a door-darter and nobody bothers to stop her from darting. Consequently I've let her into my apartment, gotten rid of her fleas, and am feeding her and wondering whether the neighbors would care enough to ask me whether I had seen Baby. It's been two days and they haven't.

Here's my theory: I think that Tiny actually IS the same Tiny, meaning that he and Baby are from the same litter. Not only did the vet say Tiny was older than I thought--9 months instead of 6--but he looks so much like Baby Girl that they could be twins!

Now, Tiny is bigger than Baby; I've had him for a month, and he's been eating kitten food all that time. Baby's thin but not malnourished (the human equivalent is a 5'2" woman who weighs 100 lb; you can see her hips but not her ribs, which you can easily feel; her fur is glossy, after the fleas were banished, and her energy level high). Baby weighs maybe six pounds, and Tiny, nine. But she's got to be about nine months old, too, because there's a well-healed spay scar on her belly, and my neighbors don't even know there's such a thing as early spay/neuter, much less practice it.
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Looks like they could be. My Raven and Nabu are littermates. When they were younger they looked like the same cat but different colors. Now Raven is more "plush" than Nabu. But you can still see the similarity.

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Ooh, their faces look so much alike! Cute!
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I don't know for sure. All I can say is that they sure are adorable
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Aren't they, though? And I can't even catch their cutest moments on film...
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