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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
I wonder who that home might be

I name thee Apollo!!!!

as much as I wanted them to be negative I have to admit I'm excited about adopting him. Continued vibes that by some twist of fate the other is negative Stranger things have happened
I have no idea.

Seriously, I'm incredibly grateful that Apollo (and the other kitten if he/she tests +) have such a great home to go to.

With the help of some KFC, Diane was able to trap the other kitten before dark last night and he/she is at the spay/neuter clinic this morning.
Thanks so much for all the vibes/prayers, everybody. It's such a relief to know these little guys are safe and on their way to a better life. Now the fun part begins - socializing them!

We're also going to start trying to trap the male cat this weekend and get him neutered ASAP. Mama cat, Molly, will be going to the shelter, where she'll get lots of love and care, sometime in the next couple of days.

I'll keep you guys posted on the kittens' progress and post pics soon. Thanks again!
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Congrats on trapping the babies! And congrats to Katie for adding to the clowder already at your house!
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I'm so happy that the other baby was trapped.
Now sending vibes that "Daddy" is trapped quickley.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Congrats on trapping the babies! And congrats to Katie for adding to the clowder already at your house!
I had to look that word up! that applies, most definitely

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Just a quick update. The other kitten is female and was spayed yesterday. She also tested positive, which was expected. She'll spend one more night at the spay/neuter clinic and be released tomorrow.

Meanwhile, little Apollo, who is absolutely adorable (pics of both babies coming soon) is settling in well. He's in kitty playpen in Diane's spare room for the time being. So far, no hissing or growling. He seems pretty relaxed under the circumstances and very curious. He cocks his head when Diane or I speaks to him and meows in response. A very good sign!

More on the kitten's progress later. Thanks so much for all the vibes and prayers, everybody. It's such a relief to know that mama cat and her babies are now safe and fixed! Daddy cat is next.
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It's great that Apollo is getting along so well.
I can't wait to see pictures of him and his Sister.

Now lets just hope Daddy gets trapped soon!
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So you guys have helped them all ....... hopefully the Father will be next .........

Katie congratulations to you too. You and Eileen are the greatest!!!
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Just wanted to update you guys on Molly (mama cat), Apollo and Aphrodite.
Molly is now in the care of Save the Animals Foundation, a wonderful shelter that has a special wing dedicated to the care of FeLV kitties. I've never been there, but Diane says it's a very homey, cheerful place with lots of space and windows for the kitties to look out of. It's completely cageless, staffed by wonderful volunteers and all of the kitties are happy and healthy.
Diane is planning to visit Molly regularly and may become a volunteer at the shelter.

The kittens are doing great. You'd never guess that it's only been a little over a week since they were trapped. They're still a little unsure about the crazy women who keep talking to them, petting them and holding them, but we've already gotten both of them to purr. The little girl, Aphrodite, was a little hissy at first, but she absolutely loves having her head and ears scratched and will sit on your lap as long as you'll let her. She a beautiful girl, with the sweetest little face. The boy, Apollo, still cringes a little when you reach for him, but starts purring VERY loudly, as soon as he's touched. He also loves having his belly rubbed. He has the most beautiful gold green eyes.

The kittens are still in the playpen for now, but we're planning to let them out to explore in Diane's spare room by the end of the week. Need to kitten proof it first.

We're also hoping to trap the adult male in the next few weeks. We need to coordinate with the neighbors, since several people are feeding him.

Thanks so much for the vibes and prayers, everybody!
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It sounds like it couldnt be going any better ........ Renewed vibes for trapping the Daddy
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It sounds like Molly is in a wonderful place with a lot of caring people to look after her.

I'm glad to here that Apollo and Aphrodite...great names by the way...are getting along so well.

Sending vibes and Prayers that Daddy will be trapped quickly.
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