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Ugh! Thanks for the tips.

My plan is to go to one of the shops they listed on their site and try it on. If I still like it, then I'm going to find some seamstresses and see how much they'll charge or check out eBay.

The weird thing about around here though is that half the time anyone that knows how to sew will charge more than what you can pay in retail. Why? I don't know eBay may be better
That gown should not be that difficult to make. Of course the appliques and "broach" would be slightly different,(But that would make it "your own") The style it`self should be fairly easy to copy and should not cost anywhere near even the lower price.
I`d also advise that you go and try a similar one on...just to make sure you like the style ON YOU as well as you like it in the picture before you have someone make it for you......and ask around before you hire anyone to do the work so that you know it will be done by someone who not only knows how to sew, but how to fit it to you. Fit is EVERYTHING!
The gown is simply exquisite!!!