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My foster is leaving this week

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My foster kitten Caroline/Alice is going back to her orignial foster home this week. It is just not working out with Riley.

I have to keep them separated all the time because he tries to "kill" her like he does with his mousie and she is just too small to fight back. She stays in the bedroom, which he hates being locked out of. He howls at the door all night, scratching to get in. I let her out for exercise and play some in the evenings, but then he has to go in the bedroom during that time, which he also hates.

He attacks her if she climbs on me. He attacks her if she touches his scratching post. He just hates her. She will be better off in another foster home, not to mention my peace of mind. The stress of this last week with those two is driving me crazy. I may go home tonight and drink a glass of wine. Or a half bottle of wine
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I'm sorry it didn't work out. Is it possible for you to foster older kittens, ones that are a match for Riley's size? It sounds to me like he enjoyed the kitty friend, just didn't grasp when to stop.
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Maybe in the future but I will have to wait a while. My bf didn't want me to foster at all, but I promised him it would be no trouble and he wouldn't even know she was there So I better wait until she is gone, and he has time to forget before I bring another one home.

I do think it needs to be an adult that he can't just overpower and hurt though. I really do want to help, but you know my fluffy kitty baby Riley comes first, of course
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Oh,... that´s a shame that didn´t work..
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
For her can be settle in a good place!
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Sorry, Paula. Enjoy your wine, you deserve it. I hope things are more peaceful and relaxing from now on.
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It sounds like you've definitely earned that glass of wine!

Seriously, I agree an older kitten or adult cat would probably be a better match for Riley when you're ready to foster again. I know this experience was a bit a challenge, but it really is rewarding.

Now relax and spoil that sweet boy of yours!
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Well no relaxing yet, lol. She is still here until tomorrow at the earliest, and Saturday at the latest.

I just had to go upstairs and pull him off her She was trying to hide behind the litter box and screaming. He was really hurting her.
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