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My ingenious toy design.

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DA Da DADAAAAAA! (insert theme music from 2001:Space Odessy)

Scientific proof that is works!

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Good thing we don't buy expensive toys for them & then they play with straws!
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Darn it! I don't know why that last pic came out so BIG.
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Originally Posted by JuJubee View Post
Darn it! I don't know why that last pic came out so BIG.
They all look "normal" sized to me!
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The first 2 seem normal and the last one takes up the whole screen.
As long as they are ok for everybody else, that's all I care about.
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neat idea!!! seems to make that kitty very happy!!!
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haha that's cute.

My boys love homemade toy ideas. Examples?

An icecube! They will chase this around on the carpet until it melts and it is super slidey and goes for miles when they thwack it! I also fill a tray with water and put ice cubes in it on hot days and they pap them for hours

Foil balls!

My toes
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I strung an old washcloth onto a piece of clothesline. Tiny loves it!! I think it's because he can really get his claws and teeth into it.
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Tubee likes pipe cleaners. We twist a couple together and he plays fetch with them. It's cute. Love the toy idea, i might have to try that!

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LOL! I love it!
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Kitters got her taste of her first straw the other day! She likes it but now near as much as my nieghbors cat!! She flips for straws!!!
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I found Blossom playing with a discarded straw she found on the kitchen floor this morning. All the toys she has & she prefers to find her own.
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Jacks into straws at the minute. As soon as he sees one in my can of coke it's out and he's chewing away on it somewhere
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That is so funny! Don't you love it when you buy them a new toy and they're more interested in the box it came in? Great idea - I'm going to try it!
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When I get a big drink with ice in I use a straw to save my teeth.
I found out that cats love to stick heads in cups to drag the straw out and eat it.
Off I go to get another drink!
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Haha! I love the last picture. What a cutie!
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Tissue or packing paper inside of a box and my kitties will go nuts!
Think you can patent that idea? Lol!
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My dd11 wrapped about a 3" piece of pipe cleaner around a 3.5" piece of yarn so that the colors were twisted, and frayed the ends of it (she thought it looked cool-an "art project") Well, Merlin thinks it's his latest and greatest "kill" and will walk around with it in his mouth, flip it up in the air, and all our floors are either hardwood or laminate, so you can imagine how far he can slide chasing that thing! rofl!
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