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Jane Goodall and Cougars

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Here is a link about Jane Goodall's work to save the Cougar. Cougars are the only species in the US that can be legally shot while nursing babies!

Most of the laws pertaining to them are based in fear, if you ask me, and they are going to become extinct if something isn't done about it.

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I'm going to put this in SOS for you.
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I saw this, on last night's news. Jane Goodall has a primate research facility, here.

I haven't heard of a mountain lion, being shot here, in a long time. Usually, its done when the cat is a "nuisance".

The last one that I can remember, was one that was attacking dog walkers, south of town. When the cat was shot and the necropsy performed, it turned out to have been a captive-raised cat, that someone had turned loose, to fend for itself. Of course, it didn't know how and went after easy prey - leashed dogs.

Too bad, the cat had to die, because of some jerk!
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Since I am a newbie I didn't know about SOS. :
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That's heartbreaking! Nature can be cruel, but there is a delicate balance, and man is constantly upsetting it. I'm not surprised that cougars are extinct in Pennsylvania. As beautiful as deer are, they are the natural prey of cougars, according to the story, and have become so numerous in the Pittsburgh area that they have become a nuisance. Yet, we have forests galore in PA! There is a shortage of food, so they are coming right into people's yards to eat their flowers and shrubs. Last year they were eating from my birdfeeder, and they are welcome to do so! But some people have been asking for the right to shoot them in their own neighborhoods, which would be insane. We are always undoing nature's work, aren't we?
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