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Outside Enclosure???

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Hello everyone.

I have a problem with my 3 year old male cat wandering. Probably, the main problem is that he is not neutered, however, I am going to have that done very soon now, in hopes that it will cure this problem.

He used to be a barn cat but I had to sell my horses when I went to college. I've tried keeping him indoors, but he hates it and constantly cries to go outside. For awhile, when he was outside he never went very far, but his last trek found him away from home for 3 weeks! And I was beside myself. I live out in the country and the busiest road is the highway which is about 3 miles away. But there still is the concern that he may get hit or killed by another animal.

What I'm wondering is if a cat can be kept in an outdoor enclosure? The people I have mentioned it to don't think it's right to keep a cat caged in- I don't like to think of it that way, but lots of people keep their cats indoors and the cats, that are house cats, don't mind at all. I also have two dogs, and people can't let their dogs roam all over the place. They keep there dogs tied or in a kennel or in the house for the most part. I don't think its right to just let my cat roam and I don't want to constantly worry about him, but yet I want him to be happy and keep him outdoors.

I work at a lumber yard, so materials are not an issue. But I would like some feed back on this subject. If an enclosure is the way to go, how big should it be?

Sorry this got so long, this is my first time. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!
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Trace, check out this thread. We had brought this one up a while back. I had put a link to some very good enclosures.

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Thank you so much for the info. I think that's the route I'm going to go, building an enclosure. My husband does not like cats, but fortunatley I'm the one with the carpentry skills! I was planning on building a 20' wide octagon enclosure and I hope that will give Reggie enough room.

Thank you,
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