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Making a new Show Boy Happy

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Well, last weekend's CFA show was quite the challange in many ways. There were many, many beautiful premiers that just came out of the kitten class, so my Mau boy did not fare so well. (We're crossing our paws for next weekend's show in Philly. . .)
The Otto Van man took two finals and is 4 points from granding, which makes me very happy, but even better is that we've finally taken his brother, Double Trouble, into our home! He's a beautiful red tabby with a tail that goes on forever. . .
Since DT is about 15 months old, he's having a much harder time adjusting to our home. Don't worry guys, we've got him in a "safe zone" and the feliway spray and plug-in is keeping everybody's hormones in check. But I'm still worried that he's not eating much and hasn't pooped since we brought him home (Sunday). This is the first time I've ever introduced an older cat into the house, so hopefully some of you vetrans can help tell me when I need to start worrying!
Also, we're about to register to that show in Philly that I mentioned. I'd like to take DT along. I don't know if I'd have him in every ring, but one of the judges there is a very gentle handler and would get a real kick out of seeing two T Van brothers!
And I will have pictures up ASAP
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What are you feeding him? It could be the stress of changing places. If he doesn't improve in the next day or two, maybe take him in to be checked out.

Congrats on the finals (was this a CFA or TICA show?) - And would you be entering DT in the Philly show? If not, not sure if you can just bring him along for judges to handle. They are so busy now, they don't have a lot of time to just handle the cats.

Looking forward to pics. Charlie's show is this weekend for collecting his first points towards grand (). I'll be happy with one final - if we get more, all the better
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We started feeding DT what he was getting at his old home; Friskies wet and Royal Canin dry. He doesn't seem to want the dry food right now but I just now offered him some pro plan chicken and brown rice wet and he really seemed to enjoy that. I'm glad for that, I'd like to see him on something much better than Friskies! He doesn't take very much at a time, only about a third of a small can. We'll be off to the vet tomorrow if he doesn't poo. . .

I'm showing my boys in CFA. I'd like to try TICA, since Vans tend to do MUCH MUCH better in that organization, but I just have not gotten around to registering them.

I plan on entering DT for the show in Philly and if he gets spazzy, I'll just pull him from the rest of the rings. He really has the potential to do well and doesn't mind the show envorionment, he just starts squirming to cuddle whenever someone picks him up. He wants to nuzzle into your neck for protection and the judges take that as he's going for an attack!!
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Grats on your finals and Good luck at the next show
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He finally pooped!
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