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How old is this kitten?

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My mom was handed this kitten by a contruction worker that found her in a mud puddle. She's had her for 6 weeks in this video and when she got her she had her eyes open but her ears were down, so we're figuring she had to be at least a week old, which would make her 7 weeks. However, most of the kitten videos we've looked at of 7 and 8 week old kittens show kittens much bigger than she is. She weighs only 14 oz. The other confusing thing was that our vet (who has been in practice for almost 50 years, so he knows what he's doing) approximated her at 3 weeks when my mom brought her in, the day after receiving her. Now, the vet is thinking that she was younger than he thought, just because she isn't gaining the weight that he expected. We're wondering if she's what they call a "dwarf" cat? If anyone has any input it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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I have had several foster kittens that were only 13-14 ounces at 7-8 weeks old. They're growing just fine, but will probably always be on the petite side.
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From the actions on the video, I'm guessing about 6-7 weeks old. They are usually about 3 weeks old if ears are still down.

He might just wind up being a small cat. But he is adorable
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also cats who havnt been nursing from mum will be smaller as they didnt get the right amount of neutrictions SP? when it was needed. we have a girl here who is 20 weeks old and only weighs 2lbs.
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Yeah it looks about 8 weeks, well similar to the age of my new kitten. My kittens 8 weeks and a little over 2 lbs but he was probably with his mother until 7 weeks or so so had plenty of time to nurse.
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The vet estimated Blossom to be 4-5 weeks old when my son found her. Her eyes were open, ears down & teeth felt like knubs which didn't hurt when she bit our fingers. I believe there teeth come thru a around 3 weeks. She weighed 100grms at that time & was 4kg at 9 mths old.
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I have 6-8 week old foster kittens...ur kitty is about 8 weeks old..i think it is a good looks very healthy and playful. You can see kitty gets alot of love. Kitty is just fine..keepup the good work!
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By the size of the ears and the coordination of movement, I'd guess between 8-10 weeks old. I could tell more if the kitten was running around on its own.
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I'd guess 6-7 weeks old. But goodness he's so cute!!
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Thanks to all that are responding, you're helping my mom and I rest easier!
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yup, I have a 12 week old who is 1lb and looks like she is about 4-5 weeks old - she is that tiny. Granted she's not eating and we're working with the vet, but looks can be deceiving.
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