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Lily's annual checkup - my poor little scaredy cat!

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I knew this was going to be traumatic, but I guess it could've been worse!

For her appt.'s last year when she was little it was a struggle to catch her to get her into the cage. She's now settled to the point where I can approach her slowly, pat her, and pick her up. So now she's going to hate me for putting her through the vet trauma.... When she first when in the cage she kept walking backwards in circles trying to back out of the cage I guess

Anyway, so in the car, DH had her on his lap (in the cage), and she was meowing the entire way - not her usual cute little mew, but a big, loud "I am so freaked out" meow.

We dropped DH at work, then she was on the passenger seat next to me, and was pretty settled the rest of the trip.

At the vet's she was shaking the whole time and pretty much just froze. I held her as much as possible, and she just melted into my chest shaking away It was nice to cuddle her though... If only she'd let me cuddle her like that without her being so scared!

She passed with flying colours though, everything checked out fine - yayyyyy!!!

So no more trauma for another year hopefully! As soon as we got home, she ran to her safe spot behind the couch, but she should calm down soon enough to come and get some treats for being so brave
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Aw, poor wee Lily. When she comes out you'll have to give her extra treats. It's good news that she's fine even if the visit is traumatic for her.
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Poor baby! Such a scarey place for her to go with all of those strange smells. I'm glad that she's healthy.

Give her some extra treats and a few extra snuggles
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Poor Lily-glad to hear she checked out ok. At least she doesn't try to kill the vet techs. When Natasha goes to the vet they have to bring out the hawk gloves and encase her in a towel.
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Poor baby

I know how you feel - Both cats give me that same yowl everytime they are in the car - They are such silly babies aren't they
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Vibes for Lily she feel better!
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Good news, she was curled up in her favourite spot and let me pat her and dote on her, and even purred for me
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Woohoo I'm completely forgiven!!!!

She's sitting next to me purring and snuggling and mewing and nibbling at me when I stop petting her.

My little scaredy cat has definitely gotten more brave in the last year, and is so much more calm now!
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