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Hello all, I stumbled onto this site and thought I would register.

I am the proud owner of a 5 month old black domestic shorthair male named 'Ozzy'.

He is my first and only feline. So far, it has been a learning experience. Hopefully, by reading through this site, I can learn new things and apply it.

Here are some pics of my baby boy.


See you around!
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Your kitty is so handsome! I hope to see more of him here!
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Welcome to the site! Oh Ozzy is just adorable!!! I'm a bit partial to little black kitty boys, since I have one of my own.

You will learn more here than you can even imagine. If you have any specific questions about Ozzy, even if it's just to see if he's the only kitty in the world who does something strange, fun, cute, etc. feel free to ask! We've all been first time kitty mommy's and daddy's at some point. Just come over to The Cat Lounge if you want to just hang out and get to know some of us here.
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Hello Huk!

Ozzy is the ultimate cute kitten! I'm starting to adore black kittens after recently seeing some of the pics around here.

But don't tell my kitten Nakita that! She wants to be the ONLY cat in this household!

Enjoy your stay.
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Thanks for sharing... this one is my favorite
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