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T-shirt transfers?

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Has anyone made T-shirt transfers, with their computer and printer? I'd like to have T-shirts, with the cats and dogs on them but, don't want to waste the money, if the transfers are no good.

There are places, at the malls, that will do it but, they're pretty expensive.

I have some cute pix and a good printer. Besides the pets, I thought I could do some, of the grandkids, after they're born.
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I am curious of this too. I got the tranfers in a pack once and didnt ever get around to trying them myself.
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will give you a print out without applying it. It may be cheaper this way. You could also ask what type of transfers they use and where to get them! Good luck!
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katl8e - Just give it a whirl, it'a mainly trial and error to get them right but I bet you'd get some great results. I think you print them onto a special paper then iron the image to the t-shirt in question.
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I have a shirt that was made that way, and it has held up pretty well. The only thing I don't care for is there is a square in the middle of the front, and the design is small, so the square is pretty obvious. I think it would have been better if the design had covered the whole square, or if it had been trimmed.
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I've seen the special papers, at Walgreen's, Office max, etc. Maybe, I'll buy a small pack and a thrift shop T-shirt, to test it.
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I have used the t-shirt transfers. When my granddaughter was born I made a quilt and used the transfers to put pictures of my daughter when she was born and then pictures of my granddaughter. I printed them on a Lexmark 22 printer (cheap printer) and it worked beautifully. Just follow the instruction on the transfers. I did trim the edges as close to the picture as I could. The quilt has not been washed (my daughter had it framed) so I don't now how they hold up after being washed.

Good Luck!!
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off of my inkjet printer. They held up pretty well. Just make sure you get the ironing right. I normally don't iron at all, so that part was a little tricky for me.
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