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Our weekly update!

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Well, we had an extremely successful weekend with adoptions! We are now down to only (ONLY! ) 11 kittens. Mr. Sprinkles went to his new home in Wisconsin on Friday afternoon, and Sadie went to her new home Friday evening. Lady's babies are only 8 weeks old, and while I know it's a little early, Lady was having some "issues" with them and my vet recommended going ahead and letting them go to their new homes and getting Lady spayed ASAP so she can find her new home. She is currently being kept separated from the other kittens as she goes to the oldest kittens and gets them to nurse on her while attacking her own babies. So, on the vet's advice we let Sadie go on Friday. Then Sunday, the lady who is adopting Annabelle and Chili when they're old enough came to visit them. She is such a WONDERFUL lady, and she also met Rosie and fell in love with her... and adopted her also! She'll be back in a few weeks to get Chili and Annabelle. Also on Sunday, Yukon found a wonderful new home. Then Sunday evening, a girl came to meet Larry and adopted her... she also adopted Cleopatra! I talked with her for a LONG time, and told her about what had happened to Cleo and explained the issues she was having. She and Cleo really bonded, so I agreed to let her adopt her along with Larry. It's going to be a fantastic home for them both.

So like I said earlier, we're down to just 11 now. Here are pictures and updates on each of them...

Captain Squishy - 15 weeks old now - he is such a grumpy boy, this kid is a MONSTER!

Garfield - also 15 weeks old

Lt. Bear - 14 weeks old

Sofia - 13ish weeks old

Roxy - 13ish weeks old

Taco - 8 weeks old - he was *supposed* to be going to his home this week, but due to his eye issues wasn't able to go and now the girl doesn't want him . The vet seems to think that Taco will always have problems with runny eyes (he's not sick, just overproduces tears). So John and I have been talking and think we'll probably end up keeping him.

Woody Jr. - 8 weeks old - the stuff under the eyes is NOT from his eyes... he decided to dive face first into a bowl of spaghetti this morning

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And the bottle babies.

Chili - appr. 5 weeks old

Annabelle - appr. 5 weeks old

And little Sebastian - appr. 5 weeks old - as you can probably tell, we're in the "learning to eat" phase... I've never seen a kitten as messy as this guy. He lays in his plate of food, and just shovels his face in.

The only one missing from pictures is Eloise... she was somewhere sleeping when I rounded them all up for pictures and I couldn't find her.
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They are all so sweet! WOW, captain squishy looks exactly like my first cat, Muffin, but with much bigger ears haha. They all really look like they've got distinct personalities.

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you have a lot of cuties there!!
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ONLY 11 eh?

I'm thrilled Cleo got a good home now! Taco could be like my Dorian Grey, just has weepy it possible he has herpes?
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If I was able to take another cat I would take Taco. He is so cute. Who cares if he has watery eyes? He is so adorable!!!!!!!! All of them are adorable, but i have this thing about any orange colored cats. They always catch my attention.

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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Taco could be like my Dorian Grey, just has weepy it possible he has herpes?
I was wondering the same thing.
My Gracie has herpes and her eyes run..not as bad as sweet little Taco's ...but they do run even if she's not having a flair up.

I've said it once and I'll say it again, they're all adorable but Garfield just melts my heart.
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aww they are all so cute! How do you find such good homes for all of them? My four babies will be ready soon, and I am nervous as to how to find the right people!
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is it possible he has herpes?
I was wondering the same thing, I've been doing research. The vet didn't mention that, just said he overproduces tears and will be that way his whole life. Taco seems to have "flare ups"... he'll be ok for awhile and then go through a week or two where his eyes look awful.
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How do you find such good homes for all of them?
I have an adoption application and people are required to fill one out if they're interested in adopting one of the kittens. If the home is approved and they adopt, they're required to sign a contract that states (among many other things) that they will never de-claw and that they'll return the kitten to me if they can no longer keep him/her. I'd be more than happy to help you make up your own application and contract if you'd like... just PM me your email address and and I'll send you all the documents... you can reword them to fit your requirements.
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ONLY 11 eh?
Down from 20, 11 really doesn't seem like very many! The house seems so empty now, LOL.
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I suggest trying some lysine for Taco, you never know it might help?
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Can i have Lt Bear please, hes cuteeeeeee
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
I suggest trying some lysine for Taco, you never know it might help?
Thanks, I think I'll give it a try!
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